I couldn’t remember the first time I ever tasted milk tea. All I recall is I didn’t like it and swore that that drink will never touch my lips again. But recent events changed my mind. My friend-slash-officemate Gadybee was craving for cake and we couldn’t find a single store/shop in Maginhawa that sells one. The most possible would be the only tea shop (that I know)–Moonleaf Tea Shop. There was no cake, but the shop had cupcakes so it somehow sufficed. And of course since it’s a tea shop, the only beverage is tea and lots of teas (there was a juice drink though, if I remember correctly but I wasn’t in the mood for it). Gady insisted that we try their milk tea; I was a little skeptical, but I conceded. Anyway, it was her treat.  I used to despise milk teas (or any tea for that matter) because they make me feel nauseous if they are too sweet or full of dairy. Moonleaf’s was not (thank God), and I ended up yearning for it today.

Coincidentally, it was Moonleaf Tea Shop‘s Xie Xie Day! There were  lots of people plus Johnoy Danao. Coolio. As a sign of thanks to the shop’s loyal customers, loyalty cards were given to those who purchase a drink. I have mine! 🙂

One great thing about Moonleaf is their freedom wall, where customers can post and write anything they want, including announcements, photos, and messages. 🙂

I so wanted to write something but I didn’t have any pen nor paper. When my flatmates arrived, we just decided on a whim to buy milk teas. I was ecstatic; finally I can have my pearl milk tea!

With my friends-slash-flatmates-slash-officemates Gady and Katt waiting for our drinks

Katt and I. Our apologies for our untidy looks. This was unplanned! Hehe.

Moi with my pearl milk tea! Yay!

I call this my labandera look. I just finished washing my clothes and watching Sleepless in Seattle with Gady and Katt before going to Moonleaf. Hurhurhur :3

Took these photos using my Samsung phone.

Good night! x