#ChasingWesAnderson: Our Moonrise Kingdom Couple’s Costume

Nov 7, 2018 | crafts, fashion


My husband and I are huge Wes Anderson fans, and for the longest time we wanted to re-create the characters in his films.

Moonrise Kingdom has a special place in my heart, partly because Sam Shakusky (one of the leading characters in the film) and his dorkiness reminds me so much of my husband. Like Sam, Chad is very passionate about camping and adventure and I, of course, am happy enough to follow along.

So, it was only fitting that we dress up as Sam Shakusky and Suzy Bishop for Halloween. I was actually so excited that I began planning our costume as early as September.

Finding the pieces we needed to re-create the looks was not easy though, so I’m sharing some tips and recommendations on how to pull off the best Moonrise Kingdom costume.

But first, the characters.



  • orphan; adults say that he has “emotional issues”
  • khaki scout under Scout Master Ward’s Troop 55
  • expert camp pitcher and canoe paddler


  • schoolgirl; fierce and angsty, she is prone to “angry” outbursts
  • takes her binoculars everywhere she goes
  • avid reader and excellent swimmer

Moonrise Kingdom may look like your typical quirky film, but in true Wes Anderson fashion – his main characters are anything but innocent. But that’s the beauty of this movie. The characters and story mixed with dazzling colors and imagery make Moonrise Kingdom one of the finest films of the decade (and a Halloween favorite for cinephiles).

The costume

I’m going to lie if I say I didn’t spend money on our costumes. I was very committed, so don’t judge me. However, I am proud to say that most of the stuff we wore came from thrift stores. Here’s the detailed breakdown:



Coonskin cap from ebay

Boy Scout top (same here) and yellow Ascot (same here) with fur from Village Collection

Shorts from Salvation Army

Canteen (same here) from Picker Place Vintage – Ybor

Socks from Toy Machine

Desert Chukkas from Vans (owned)

Peter Pan collar pink dress from ebay (same here)

Tan Wicker satchel from Village Collection

Beret from Forever 21 (owned, same here)

Vintage Royal Traveler Luggage from Picker Place Vintage – Ybor

Saddle Oxford shoes and socks from Amazon

Hand-me-down binoculars (same here)

When we shot these photos, there was one man who had to stop cycling just to tell us we nailed his favorite movie. He took our photos as well to show off to his friends I guess, which was fun.

We also wore these at a Halloween party-slash-rock climbing competition (not the best place to wear a dress, I know) and we got so many compliments about our costume. The amusing thing was when Chad and I were apart, people didn’t quite understand who our characters were. But as soon as they saw us together, they immediately realized who we were supposed to be.

We had an incredible time being Sam and Suzy for a day and we look forward to next year. I wonder who we should go as? Let me know in the comments!

Tips on How to Re-create Your Favorite Wes Anderson Character


1. Planning is key. There are tons of helpful resources online to help you get started. Pinterest saved me.

2. If you must buy, check thrift shops for vintage props. You can also go to ebay for affordable options. That’s where I got my Suzy Bishop dress and Sam Shakusky Coonskin Cap for cheap!

3. If all else fails, there’s always Amazon.

Moonrise Kingdom Costume Essentials

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