Chad and I had the busiest week of our lives. On Tuesday, immediately after work, we zoomed to this vintage store called Vinyl Dump in Cubao Expo to interview the owner regarding his collection of vinyl records, so excuse me if my face isn’t made up. I’m a very busy girl—emphasis on busy.

Vinyl Dump does not only sell vinyl records. They also have vintage cameras, watches, video tapes, books, etc. It was truly heaven. If you love vintage stuff, give them a visit!

Hello, there young Kuh Ledesma. I like her outfit here—so colorful. 🙂

Now onto my outfit. There’s nothing really special about it, except that the dress was a gift by my boyfriend’s Mom. I like wearing this animal print dress because it fits my body perfectly. It’s not too tight nor loose, just enough to give my body a nice shape. Full-on animal print dresses/clothing can make or break your whole look—meaning one can possibly look either trashy or bold, depending on the fit and styling.

I didn’t want to catch too much attention at work so I did a B/W look by choosing a sequined pair of flats which I bought for P150 ($3.75) from a woman selling shoes in the streets. I’m amazed how durable these are. Normally shoes with that price tag will only last me a month, provided that they don’t get wet. I’ve been using these flats for 3 months now, and no sequin has even fallen yet! What kind of sorcery is this? LOL.

Then I chose a black belt to cinch my waist and add more shape. I also brought with me my black biker jacket because it’s so freaking cold in the office. I usually end up looking very ghost-like after a long day’s work. I’m not complaining though. I consider myself very lucky to have a job, and this job in particular. Ciao!

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