I like looking at old photographs, especially my parents’. They remind me so much of how innocent and unperturbed the times were back then. Sometimes I feel like many of us today are constantly chasing the wrong things. In the past, people’s ways of living are just simple and uncomplicated, unlike now.

These photos were taken using a Canon ae-1 film camera. My boyfriend is so much more comfortable using film cameras than the digital ones. These photos can already tell you why. I tried shooting some things using his camera too (which I will share really soon), and I immediately understood why he loves using it to take pictures.

More photos under the cut!

Isn’t it amazing that you can easily make a story by just looking at these pictures? Ah, the wonders of gritty photos. 🙂

The Little Things She Needs shoes and earrings | Chiffon top from bazaar | MANGO purse | Liz Claiborne watch

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Photos by Chad