Valhalla Resale: Saving the Earth One Clothing at a Time

Nov 1, 2018 | fashion

On Central Avenue in Tampa, FL, there’s a charming store that’s slowly revolutionizing how Floridians live and shop.

Owned and managed by Danielle Ferrari, Valhalla Resale is subscription clothing store that sells and rents out clothing for a fixed, monthly price.



1. Old Norse; hall or heaven for heroes


Fueled by her passion for the shared and circular economy, where a product is used to its fullest potential, Danielle thought of opening a store that offered a more unique and sustainable option for the women of Tampa.

The fashion industry is one of the most wasteful industries on the planet. Present consumer behavior indicates that a piece of clothing is worn, on average, 30 days, then its usage drops to 0%. Most of these clothing end up in landfills, creating greenhouse gas emissions of 1.2 billion tons a year.

Aware of the statistics, Danielle did not want to be just another boutique. She wanted to attract clients who are mindful of their choices’ environmental impact.

And so Valhalla Resale was born.

On February 2017, Valhalla opened its doors to hundreds of eager women wanting to have access to clothes, shoes, and accessories. Taken from Old Norse, Valhalla means heaven for heroes –  a perfect description, according to Danielle, of what her store represents: a fashion haven for environmentally conscious clients.

How does membership work?

Membership starts at 39 USD per month, which allows you to borrow as many clothes and as often as you want each month. However, you can only borrow three items at a time – but what’s a drive when you’ll come home with 3 new outfits each visit without spending a ton of money?

Don’t worry about washing them – Valhalla takes care of that, too! If you also happen to love the outfit you got, you can purchase it at 20% off.

As someone who loves clothes, I am always looking for ways to minimize my waste. It hasn’t been always easy, but when I come across businesses that put the environment first, I make sure to support them.

So you can imagine my excitement when I found Valhalla. Check out the head-to-toe look Danielle put together for me!

Tips on How to Be Sustainably Stylish


1. Buy less, reuse more.

2. If you must buy, support your local thrift store.

3. If you must buy brand new, support sustainable labels that use eco-friendly and recycled materials. Plus points if they’re fair trade!