EXCUSE MY HAIRRR!!! Anyhoo.. I’m not sure if I have shared this, but I was a teacher before I began blogging here. If you check my About page, it says there that I was a graduate of AB-BSE, a double-degree course which stands for  Bachelor of Arts-Bachelor in Secondary Education. Ateneo de Naga University’s College of Education offered me a full scholarship so I accepted it. I mean, who can say no to a 100% free education? So I took it, even though I was not really passionate about teaching; but I love learning so much—and they’re pretty much the same so I studied my ass off and graduated with high honors. I am a person who doesn’t let issues like that hinder me from reaching my goals. A lot of people cannot afford to go to college and passing up an opportunity like that would have been stupid.


Right after graduation, I taught my very first subject—English—to high school kids. I was immediately assigned to an advisory class, LG 1329, who are coincidentally graduating on March 16th (I’m proud of you, guys!). I haven’t realized it has been that long since I left my hometown. Teaching is so stressful, but sometimes I do miss it—despite being underpaid. That satisfaction and happiness you feel when children learn from you is priceless.


Because of my experience, I gained more respect for teachers. And it still saddens me that they do not receive the proper, if not the best, compensation. They spend more time with the children than the parents. They guide them and prepare them for their future, and that for me is the most difficult and challenging occupation in the world. I’ve been there, I know how hard it is to be the second parent.


I can only hope the government will fully realize this and reward teachers with what they really deserve—a good compensation, a better retirement plan, as well as a more effective teaching facility.


Ah, March always makes me sentimental. It’s a month full of laughter, tears, and excitement. It’s usually the month where things end and begin—school, relationships, summer, etc.


And speaking of summer, it has been pretty hot in Manila lately so I decided to wear my backless peplum top from Forever 21 and my scarf print shorts, which I bought ages ago at a bazaar. I’ve learned from a blogger that when you’re selecting backless tops or dresses, always choose the one with a modest front to prevent yourself from looking very tacky. It’s much sexier that way. *wink*


Forever 21 peplum top and suede flats | Scarf print shorts from bazaar | Thrifted bag

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