Autumn has officially begun and I haven’t even finished posting all my summer stories. Hustling now so I can keep up with the influx of fall trends flooding my social media feeds. This is just half of the photos my hubby and I took when we visited the historic district of Tarpon Springs in Pinellas County, Florida.

Going to Greece is high on our bucket list but since I cannot travel outside of the US yet, it will have to wait. Good thing we have our own little piece of Grecian heaven right in the heart of Central West Florida. Back in the 1880s when the first local sponge business was founded, several Greek immigrants arrived in Tarpon Springs and never left. With its rich history and distinct culture, the city went on to become one of Florida’s top tourist destinations.

Aside from being the docking point of sponge and fishing boats, Dodecanese Boulevard in the historic district is lined with colorful buildings, souvenir shops, cafes, museums, and Greek restaurants. We ate at a restaurant called Hellas, the most popular dining spot in the area. We had beef and lamb gyros — Chad loved it but I didn’t because I kept picturing the baby lambs used to make them. You don’t eat cute animals. 🙁

Would you believe everything I wore in this post are all hand-me-downs? Thanks, mom!

If you want to see more of Tarpon Springs, visit our 360 travel photography blog Sunny State of Mind to explore the place in full 360-degree view. 🙂

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