Today was unlike any other day. Being the risk-taker that I am (or so I thought), I, along with a friend, signed up for an acting workshop with no less than Ms. Laurice Guillen. She is one of the best directors in the country, so you could imagine my fear when I saw her. She has this very powerful aura, you know, and all you can do is give what you can, even if it falls short most of the time.


The Venue: Pixelgrain, Inc.

I struggled in most of the exercises. Ms. Laurice and her daughter Ina were right. I tend to intellectualize and analyze things to the point that they prevent me to freely feel and express myself. I was overly conscious of how stupid I would look and what my audience would think of me. Slowly though, I let go, but not totally. I still had qualms and, at some point, returned to that urge I had at the beginning to construct complete, meaningful sentences. It was difficult and excruciating, really. I cried lots of times, but I certainly learned a lot–to think that the workshop was only 5 hours.

And did I mention that my co-participants are already actors on TV? Unbelievable, so when I saw them, the fear I had tripled. Dun dun dun dun!

L-R:(first row) Renan, Ms. Ina, Ivan; (second row) Miles, Osai, Gaby, Direk Laurice, Me, Ali, Sheena, Renz

I personally liked Miles Ocampo and Osai. They smiled at and talked to me lots of times. They were so nice. I was dying to have a photo op with Gaby dela Marced though but to no avail.

L-R: Osai, Me, and Miles

Thanks to all the people who were instrumental to my learning today. It was such an honor to share the floor with the best director in the country and these awesome actors. My friend and I will definitely be back. I will learn and improve, I promise that. 🙂