The secret is out, swimwear in 2014 is about being noticed, going out with a bang, and making bold moves. The trends sported at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim Show are refreshing in their cheeky audacity, while also bringing back the sexy of bygone eras (think Bo Derek in “10” or Marilyn Monroe in “Some Like it Hot”), with vintage/retro touches here and there. Do these swimsuit trends suit petites? Whether you’re a 32a cup or a 32d, the swimsuits on the catwalk can work for you too!

Swimwear Trend No. 1 – Black and White

Back to black was the theme of many designers’ offerings, with two-tone, high-contrast factor swimsuits, often in vintage styles (high-wasted and wide-hipped panties, etc.). From the heyday of Art Deco to its current renaissance, the pairing of black and white or pink  and other high contrasting colors has always had an enduring allure.

How does this look measure up for petites?

These styles can work for petites, if the particular woman isn’t more comfortable in a short-torso style. For petites with shorter torsos, they may not be as flattering as other styles. Style gurus say striped halter-style swimsuits would be especially flattering for petites, due to the way they elongated the form.

Voda_Corsica-String_CroppedSwimwear Trend No. 2 – Jungle-Inspired Styles

These looks are right out of a Duran Duran video – wildly 80s and not the least bit ashamed. Animals, banana leaves, and other jungle/rainforest motifs splash across swimsuits, tankinis, capes and sarongs.

How does this look measure up for petites?

In this case size does matter. Large animal figures, etc. can overpower the petite wearer, but a fetching alternative may be had in swimsuits with smaller prints.

Swimwear Trend No. 3 for 2014 – The Vintage-Inspired Swimsuit

Retro is so prevalent in fashion it could just as well be called contemporary and this is no less the case with the swimsuits coming out this year. Masterful use of retro brings vintage elements into the present, rather than merely mimicking them as they were in their original incarnations. Bows, polka dots, and other touches from the 40’s to the present are reflected in this trend.

How does this look measure up for petites?

Vintage works! Whether the woman is pixie or a veritable amazon.

Swimwear Trends No. 4 – 7 – Colorful Prints, Geometric Prints, Maxi-Length Cover-Ups, and Big Beach Bags

How do these measure up for petites?

For petites, colorful prints can work if the print isn’t too big; geometric prints that feature vertical or diagonal lines are surefire hits on petites; maxis with proportionate motifs can work for petites; and big bags are simply the practical choice when you’ve got a bunch of beach necessities – whatever your size.



Claire Pearl is a petite fashion designer specializing in petite bra and lingerie. She has collected a variety of  sources including to write her post. Feel free to connect with her over at Google+.