Our first stopover on the way home to Tampa, Florida was South Carolina. While I was taking my master’s degree at the University of the Philippines, I studied American culture and literature, and the African-American history is one of many topics that fascinated me. And so, Chad and I decided to have a quick lunch in the historic town of Charleston and check out the nearby places while we were in the area. We drove through the amazing Ravenel Bridge, a cable-stayed suspension bridge over the Cooper River in SC that connects downtown Charleston and Mount Pleasant.

We passed by so many plantations, but unfortunately, the tours can take hours and we only had about an hour and a half to spend in Charleston. So instead, we visited the City Market, a historic market complex built in the 1840s. I had a few pictures of the place, which was only right across this road I’m standing on, but my hubby mistakenly deleted them. These are the only ones I was able to recover. 🙁 The City Market stretches 1,240 feet and houses several independent businesses selling all sorts of things–from soaps to fashion accessories.

I bought two fancy silver earrings from one of the vendors. He asked if I was Filipina and when I said yes, he exclaimed, “Kamusta!” and welcomed me to Charleston. I thought he was trying to talk me into buying more stuff from him, but apparently he wanted me to send a message to a fellow vendor who happened to be Filipina. LOL! I thought this sort of thing only happens in movies.

We had our lunch at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., a Forrest Gump-inspired restaurant that serves seafood and American fare. I loved that the staff was really cheery and perky. Apart from that, their Southern accent made me feel like I was in a real Forrest Gump film.

We walk a lot during our trips so it’s necessary that I use comfortable slippers, hence the presence of these slip-ons in quite a few of my blog posts LOL! As I always say, comfort is key to traveling.

I wouldn’t have enjoyed our first American road trip if I had been wearing heels the whole time, would I? 🙂