Ever since finishing my English degree, London has always been my dream destination. I know how horrible their weather is based on what I’ve read and saw in films, but I want to go there to experience the culture. There’s just so many things to see and so much to learn. So imagine my envy when I found out that Marks & Spencer is actually sending two lucky people to the UK! *tears*


Unfortunately I found out about it too late. Last week, I was invited instead to witness the grand draw of Marks & Spencer’s Shop Your Way to the UK at Greenbelt. Apparently this promo has been going on for months already. On November 5, they chose two M&S Loyalty Members who will get two roundtrip tickets plus cash allowance. I would honestly give everything to be in the winner’s shoes:

1st Prize: 1 winner of Round Trip tickets for two via Philippine Airlines Business Class plus $2,000 pocket money

2nd Prize: 1 winner of Round Trip tickets for two via Philippine Airlines Economy Class plus $1,000 pocket money


Before the winners were announced, we were treated to a wonderful performance of the Mandaluyong Children’s Choir. They sang beautiful Christmas songs, which excited me so much. I always get teary-eyed when I hear Christmas carols, especially the Tagalog ones. It reminds me of home and love. I always look forward to the holidays because that’s when I get to spend a lot of time with my family. 🙂


After their soulful renditions of classic Christmas songs came the announcement of the winners. The first prize went to Nathaniel Caballero while Anita Oranga bagged the second prize. Such lucky people! Hopefully soon I’d get to visit the country as well. Congratulations, guys! Enjoy the UK! 🙂