A couple of days before I left the Philippines, I received a bag of goodies from NYX Philippines. It couldn’t come at a better time because I wanted to have new makeup for “the big move”. You know when you’re entering a new chapter in your life and you want everything to be fresh and new? That’s what’s happening to me. Aside from that, I love NYX! I’ve been slowly transitioning to environmentally friendly cosmetics and NYX is a perfect start–it’s certified cruelty-free according to PETA. Anyway, the package that I got contained a tinted moisturizer, highlighter, blotting paper, and three lip colors. Continue reading if you wanna know how they look when applied!


Hello, bare face! I don’t know how NYX guessed it, but they sent me the perfect tinted moisturizer for my skin tone. I’m more on the olive/neutral tone side, so this TM01 (Buff) looked like it was made for me. Also, if you don’t like wearing foundation and putting layers of products on your face (like me) then a tinted moisturizer is a great alternative.

It doesn’t provide full coverage but it does help even out the skin tone. See my dark under eyes? They were almost non-existent after I put on the moisturizer.


Okay, for starters I have really dry lips so as much as I wanted to be on trend like everybody else, matte lippies aren’t meant for me. Although they look great when I wear them occasionally, it’s usually not a comfortable experience. I’m the kind of girl who puts comfort above anything, so I often use creamy, moisturizing lippies. I was quite excited about the NYX Butter lipsticks they sent me although I was highly skeptical about the Liquid Suede.

Here are the swatches of the two Butter lipsticks (top, middle) and Liquid Suede (bottom). And below is how they look like when applied. Top-left is my natural lips; top-right I’m wearing Fruit Punch; bottom-left, Big Cherry; and  bottom-right, Cherry Skies. I love how the Butter lippies are wonderfully moisturizing and wearable with a satin finish. They are super pigmented as well.

I think I have overused the Fruit Punch–it’s honestly my fave because its creamy texture allows it to glide smoothly and blend well with other lip products. Although it’s not exactly my kind of pink, I always mix it with more subdued lip colors to get the pigment that I want. As for the Cherry Skies Liquid Suede, I was really surprised how comfortable it is. It’s more semi-matte I think, because it didn’t feel like I was wearing a mud mask or something, as often the case with matte lippies. I can actually smile without it cracking and breaking. And the best part is although it’s waterproof, it’s so easy to remove! Just rub the product off, and you’re makeup-free. 🙂


The package also came with a blotting paper which claims to absorb oil without removing the makeup.

Each pack contains 100 films so it’s actually not too bad. Dabbed it on my T-zone and the shine was gone right away.

Beauty vloggers always finish their looks with highlights. I’m not good at contouring but I try sometimes. It does give the face more dimension by highlighting the highest points of the face. I used the NYX Illuminator in IBB02 (Chaotic), which blended well with the blush and gave my skin a natural rosy glow without the unnecessary shine.

Overall, I’m not disappointed with the products that I used. I’ve always loved NYX and the variety they provide, although some products can be highly saturated–which I understand some people don’t like. I guess it’s just a matter of finding your shade. If there’s anything they should improve on, it’s probably the packaging. The lippies are tight-wrapped in plastic, so it would be nice if they use more eco-friendly boxes or something. Also, the Butter can be so soft that if you close the tube with the stick out, you’ll be left with a broken lipstick the next time you open it. And you won’t be able to get it out due to its creamy consistency. Happened with both of my Butter lippies, so now I have to use a brush. Other than that, they’re great and definitely worth the investment. 🙂



*DISCLAIMER: I received these products complimentary from NYX Philippines for testing purposes.*