While on a road trip to North Carolina, we took a quick detour to experience Savannah, Georgia for a few hours. Chad was excited to show Savannah because he knew I would love the place. For some reason, I’m awfully curious about historic buildings. I think they have a lot of stories to tell and that fascinates me a lot.

What I like about America is they value their heritage. They maintain many of their historic buildings and items to preserve and make them available to the public. Savannah is replete with old buildings repurposed as museums, offices, stores, and diners. I think it’s wonderful that the community is exerting so much effort in keeping these buildings intact.

Savannah is an extremely popular tourist spot so people were literally everywhere–we spent about half an hour just looking for a parking spot. When we finally found a public parking (a couple of streets down Jefferson), we looked for the pier which is right across the William Bartram trail to watch the sunset–and let me tell ya, I’ve never seen such a beautiful sunset in my life!

It was around 8 p.m. when we got hungry and looked for a place to eat near the pier. One thing you have to remember when in a major tourist spot is good food is never cheap. A lot of the restaurants we went to charge $15 upwards per plate, before tax. We’re cheap people so we decided to buy ice cream instead to keep us satiated for a bit while looking for small diners outside 8th St.

Unfortunately, some of the shops were about to close so we also checked them out before leaving 8th St. I really enjoyed the candy store–they had barrels full of candies and chocolates! It was so insane, I felt like I was in a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie.

Finally, we found a small Japanese restaurant where we had ramen and teriyaki bowls to our hearts’ content for only $20. Before the day ended, Chad and I promised each other to return to Savannah, and this time we will be there for days.