I’m not the usual fashion blogger who has a room full of shoes, accessories, and designer dresses. In fact, and I think I have mentioned this before, I do not buy any top and accessories that are above Php 700 (or 500) and shoes above Php 2000. I believe that there are brands out there, although not as popular and publicized as the designers, that still provide quality items.

So yesterday, I and my friends took a trip to Manila to shop. I know, Trinoma and SM North were having these big sales yesterday but I know that their prices fail in comparison to Divisoria’s. So check out what I bought yesterday:

Bejeweled frog ring

 I’ve been obsessing about rings lately so I decided to buy LOTS.

Fishy fishy 😛

Winged heart

Weird-looking but that's how I like it 🙂

I call this the Slytherin ring, inspired by the recently concluded Harry Potter T.T

The Grim, inspired by Harry Potter again. I just can't believe the series is over!

This one's gold, not authentic of course. 🙂

Going oriental

Bejeweled crocodile :">

I bought all these items under Php 1000. How’s that! 😛 I thinking of putting these up for sale. Do you like and want them? If you do, I just finished putting up a Facebook page, Zeros and Fives, where I can post photos of saleable items. Please do visit and like the page HERE (even if you don’t wanna buy, that’s totally fine) 😀

The next photos are my first set of babies (rings, I mean). They’re really special so, uhm, they won’t be part of the items on sale. 🙂

From Quirky Finds

From Quirky Finds


 I hope you loved my first-ever accessories post!

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