WARNING: My face is all over this post. Leave while you still can. HAHAHA.


Being a model for phot0graphers was never part of my plan when I was still in Bicol. I considered (and still consider) myself awkward, so it was really impossible. However, everybody seemed interested in photography that time, and I happened to be an art enthusiast. But  since I did not have a camera, I decided to be the subject instead. That way, I’d  see and ask photographers about their cameras and some image-capturing tips.

One of the shots that I do not get tired of is the beauty shot, also known as the close-up shot. It is not too photoshopped (or should not be too photoshopped), thus showing the subject’s real, unaltered features. That is why I love the photo by Mark below. You can still see all my balbon from the nape down to the back and shoulders. I am not (anymore) a big fan of photos that have undergone too much manipulation. I know photo retouching is necessary, I get that. But I guess a limit has to be drawn.

Photos by Mark Tiu

Make up by Em Rejano

Besides, many photographers nowadays rely too much on photoshop. As a result, they fail to learn important things about photography, such as lighting, focus, etc. I am not a photographer, I repeat, I AM NOT. But as a mere subject and observer of what’s going on today, I can’t help but be disappointed with how very manipulated some photos are. Maybe I am a purist (in some aspects) or I’m just influenced by Chad‘s style. HAHA.

I digress. Beauty shots are for me the most captivating.  They are simple, clean, and focused–no disturbing background whatsoever. They make you appreciate the beauty and details of the subject’s face. Plus, though they seem rather easy to do for models, beauty shots are the most challenging for me. When doing this layout, you don’t have accessories to use when modeling. All you can utilize are your face, eyes and mouth in particular, hands, hair, and upper body.

Photo by Arojo Santos 

Make up by Missy Rivera

It also helps the photographer immensely if the model has clear skin. I guess that is important. I am blessed with clear skin, thanks to my parents, so I seldom worry about beauty shots. I only fail to lessen my eye bags. HAHA. I can’t help it, I’ve suddenly turned into an insomniac.

So what is my regimen? Nothing much, really. I just make sure to wash my face in the morning and evening. I use Nivea and it has never failed me. Then tone and moisturize. Many toners are quite harsh, but Nivea’s is not.

I’m collecting beauty shots for my portfolio. It looks really nice, and it gives the illusion that I’m naked. HAHA. But of course I’m not. That’s where tube tops come in handy. Ciao! 🙂