My name is Raizsa-Daphne Verzosa but people like to call me Daphne. I am a copy editor, writer, blogger, and social media influencer based in Tampa, Florida. I have more than five years of experience creating engaging content for agencies, brands, and companies in the Philippines (where I’m from) and the US.

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Part of my job as editor was writing copy for a wide range of clients. I’ve written articles about fashion, shopping, beauty, and female empowerment. Please click on the titles or images to read samples of my articles below.

7 Style Commandments for Men and Women This Summer

The Ultimate Guide to Shopping Thrifted Clothing and Shoes

6 Magnificent Makeup Brands You Won’t Find on Sephora Philippines

Women in QC Can Now Walk the Streets #FreeFromFear of Sexual Harassment


Sample Web Copies

During my stint as copy editor for web.com, one of my responsibilities was to write web copy for small businesses located in the US. I was tasked to write the content of websites from home page to contact page. (Unfortunately, the sites below are no longer active but I was able to take a screenshot before they went offline.)



In 2010, I wanted a space where I could share my thoughts about beauty and fashion. So, I created Metamorphosis. Since then I’ve collaborated with many brands and companies in the US and abroad, such as NYX Cosmetics, Giorgio Armani, and Bite Beauty. Please click the photos below to read samples of my sponsored blog posts.

Bite Beauty






In 2012, I also began actively building my social media following to gain more readers and subscribers. Since then, I have amassed over 14,000 followers across all platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, among others. Because of my highly engaged social media following, I was able to work with many brands and help them promote their business, such as L’Oreal, Bite Beauty, Armani, Tresemme, and most recently COACH. Please click the icons below to view some of my social media work.

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