Many Pinoys know,  including me, that mangas are made and distributed exclusively by Japan. By origin, yes,  they truly are from Japan, but not anymore today.

In the West, manga is equivalent to comics, only that the former was originally written in Japanese or by a Japanese author.  After the World War II, mangas reached out to a wider audience, particularly men and children. Many of the cartoon television shows we see at present are adapted from mangas.

Their popularity and massive following inspired Filipinos to create their own. These creators  gather in an annual event called Komikon. In that event, comic artists display their works and they also get the chance of garnering awards for their work.

My friend and former officemate participates in this event. He is the artist of the Pinoy manga Slash. Below is the manga cover.

SLASH (SOUL-LINKED AEGIS SUPPORTING HEGEMONY), is a mysterious power that prevents a person from being harmed or killed, an enhancement for combat and is used to enforce authority among the weak. It can determine one’s social superiority to one who possesses it. Not all may have it. Alizeti ekilore, a rich innocent girl from trifang mansion, suddenly discovered she has it since she survived a strong explosion that killed all her family. Now that she had survived and obtained such power, Alizeti decided to pursue the murderer of her family using her SLASH. Clash, a veteran slasher(SLASH user), will help alizeti use and strengthen her SLASH in order to find the culprits. Will they succeed in getting justice for alizeti’s family if the killers are the government‘s strongest Slashers? Will alizeti and clash be able to fully understand and utilize their SLASH to counteract their pursuers? In a society where SLASH enhancement and slashers are made, alizeti and clash will experience the inevitable.

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