One dilemma of a girl who does not have too many clothes (like me) is how to make much out of what she has. Fortunately, clothing items nowadays are quite versatile, which allow people to create multiple styles.

When I buy stuff, I would always think of at least two ways on how I can wear it. If it’s not possible, then it’s not worth the buck.

Upon seeing this striped sheer top in a bazaar three weeks ago, I immediately thought of a preppy, geek chick look.

When I was a kid, I was really fond of watching the Saved by the Bell series, and that was the first time I got  introduced to nerds and geeks. I particularly liked Mr. Screech. I’ve always thought since then that the nerds’ fashion sense are not all that bad. In this look, I recreated Mr. Screech by buttoning my top all the way to the collar and attached a floral bow from Quirkyfinds (thank you!). Collars and bowties are surefire ways to make one look instantly nerdy, but cute. Then I secured the top using a pink floral belt from Genevieve Gozum because I didn’t want the top hanging loosely on my waist.

 Look 1: Ms. Smarty-pants in spring

 Look 2: Ms. Laidback Chick

The nerd look, however, does not fit well when the weather’s too hot (for obvious reasons), or you’re going to a picnic or window shopping with friends. For these occasions, you might want to ditch the bow tie. Unbutton your top all the way to your ribs, then tie both ends. Wear a fun accessory to replace the bow tie, like this Eiffel tower necklace from Ling Dacudao.

For some reason, this kind of look reminds me of the 40s (hence the title of this post), when women used to wear striped maillots or tied sleeveless tops, such as I what did above, and frolic around the neighborhood in ther lovers’ bikes. Okay, I think I watched too many war era movies. Haha.

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