Happy new year, everyone! 2015 has gone and now we’re welcoming another. Many of you have probably completed your New Year’s resolutions or are already working on them. I, on the other hand, do not have any. I’m so bad at fulfilling promises so I just make sure I’m making the best life decisions as I go along. However, one thing that’s always on top of my priorities is body care. In my quest for good skin, I spend a good amount of money on beauty products and I’m not scared to try new ones. Two weeks ago, I was invited by Natural Looks, a company famed for its fragrance line, to their grand opening in SM North EDSA with KC Concepcion as main guest.


And what a beautiful woman she is. With her natural beauty and elegance, I think she’s the perfect ambassador for the brand. I said “Hi!” to her twice–which was quite creepy if you think about it–and couldn’t muster the courage to approach and ask her about the brand.  She’s very gracious to the others though. Oh well, good thing there are a lot of wonderful information about Natural Looks to write about.


One thing that sets Natural Looks apart from the many skincare companies around the world is their line for men. They created a special section for the gents, because let’s be fair–there are many men out there who also love taking care of their bodies. They offer musks, lotions, colognes, and deos.


Natural Looks PH’s brand manager sharing facts about their products


The company prides itself on offering natural-based products that are not only bursting with fragrance but also great at washing away dirt. Because they are made from nature, they are gentle on the skin, leaving it soft and clean at the same time.


Women are in for a treat because the company carries an extensive skincare and toiletry range. They have serums (which I love and currently using), moisturizers, facial foams, body washes, perfumes, lip balms, shampoos, conditioners, and the list goes on. I wish I could mention them all.


You can also make your home a relaxing sanctuary by lighting these sweet-smelling candles with fruity and floral scents.


Experts say that we should start using anti-aging products in our twenties, especially if you are always exposed to the sun. In my case, I have been working on night shift for years so I never skipped my moisturizers and eye serums. I’m excited to try this one though. You’ll definitely hear more about this Aloe Vera serum from Natural Looks here on the blog.


A selfie to cap off this post. Cheers to a wonderful new year!