When we think of a fashion model, we imagine statuesque, thin-framed individuals. That’s understandable because that’s what we usually see in magazines and catwalks. We have to consider though that fashion modeling is not just about magazines and catwalks, although they are both means of advertising products.

A model is a person who poses or displays for purposes of art, fashion, or other products and advertising. These cover commercial, runway, painting and such. Therefore, models can be classified into two types:

    Whitney Thompson, ANTM winner, plus size

  1. High fashion models. These are the people you often see walking the runway and gracing the magazines. They are usually 5 feet 9 inches to 6 feet in height, and 0 in size. (I know right. How can someone be that tall yet that small. Now we know why some models are anorexic. Being a high fashion model is a lot of stress.)
  2. Commercial models. I call them the normal people.  Commercial modeling is less restrictive than fashion modeling because it is where you can find both petite (5’7″ and below) and plus-sized persons (size 14 and higher). (Just imagine if all advertisements you see on TV are sky-high gals. That won’t be very realistic.)

So there is really truth in the saying that fashion is for everyone. Or shall I say, modeling is for everyone. If you are an aspiring model, you just have to know which department you and your statistics fit better and take it from there. It is definitely a plus if you can act and photograph well.

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