How many of us never made a stop at Watsons? Watsons practically has everything our body needs—from personal grooming to health essentials—that it’s impossible not to frequent the place. I buy my face and body care necessities from Watsons most of the time, so naturally when they invited me to a spa party at Ki Neo Day Spa, BGC I immediately said yes.


Last Thursday, I and a few handpicked bloggers were chosen to attend the Bath to Basics campaign event wherein we were treated with a full body scrub, massage, and shopping challenge later in the day. Prior to the main affair, former model and image consultant Olen Lim gave us some tips on how to care for one’s body by following the correct bath regimen. The highlight of the talk is the bath rituals and myths we have heard (and followed). Ms. Lim provided scientific reasons for some of the myths, which our mothers and grandmas couldn’t. Everything made sense to me afterwards.


Filipinos are such shower-happy people, many of us even take a bath twice a day. On top of that, we have these rituals we can’t seem to un-follow. But why is that? According to Watsons, this habit of pampering our bodies helps set our mood for the day: A good morning shower activates our brains and relaxes our bodies. Archimedes’ eureka moment is a perfect example.

With this in mind, Watsons launched the Bath to Basics campaign, which “aims to educate people about the importance of maintaining or boosting their bathing habits to achieve better health and skin”. Because we never grow any younger, Ms. Lim suggested that it is better to have good grooming habits when we’re in our twenties, so that when we reach our forties, the stresses of the past years would not take a toll on our skin.


The most-awaited part came after the talk—SPA PARTY! It was my first time to experience a full body scrub in all honesty, so I was a bit nervous because I did not know what to expect. Plus having another female person see me in all my naked glory scared me. Lol, sounds silly I know. But I survived! I was partnered with the very pretty Angel Nepomuceno of Lush Angel. We were treated with a massage, full body scrub, shower and some delicious tea afterwards. I wish I can show you a spa selfie but alas, I do not have one since I tremendously enjoyed the experience, I almost fell asleep!


Next was a shopping challenge. This thrilled me the most because who doesn’t love shopping? The challenge was to use a Php 1000 worth of gift certificate at a Watsons store, and the person who gets to buy the most number of items will win a prize. Being the competitive person that I am, I bought everything that I could fit in a 1k GC. I was able to buy 15 units of Watsons products. Not bad eh? Unfortunately, someone was able to buy 20 units so I lost. Haha #sadface #tears #betterlucknexttime.


It’s been a couple of years since my last event but I am so happy I attended this one. I have been a customer of Watsons for a really long time now, it’s nice to go and write about something I truly believe in. The best thing about this store is the customer-friendly prices of the products. Moreover, they offer promos frequently to customers so customers can maximize the benefits of caring for their bodies. Today Watsons is giving away FREE 750 mL Limited Edition Hand Soap when you buy any combined bath products (bodywash, deo, body scrub and body soap) worth Php 500. SM Advantage card holders like me can get more discounts by just presenting our cards. With just Php 400 worth of products, we can already get the Hand Soap for free! Promo is available at any SM Store Beauty Section.

More deals and offers are available at the following Bath to Basics activation booths: SM Fairview (July 17-22), Festival Mall (July 24-29), SM North Edsa (July 31-August 6), and SM Manila (August 14-19).

Our body is our sanctuary so it is a must that we care for it. Having a bath regimen only means that you love your body. It’s not about being vain, rather it’s about appreciating and loving yourself. After all, they say you cannot give love if you cannot give it to yourself. Charing!