The most redundant color you can find in my “closet” is nude, brown, black, and gray. Those are the colors which I find easy to match with, so don’t stab me. Hoho. Having them is very convenient, especially when you’re too lazy to dress up. Sometimes though, those colors do not look entrancing when the heat is on or colors start to pop in your neighbor’s garden. You could be mistaken for an old hag (gee, that’s creepy).

This past weekend, most of my clothes were still in the laundry. I’m such a slacker during weekends (eww me), I had no choice but to wear my grays and blacks. But I didn’t want to look like it’s the end of the world, so I wore my red suede heels to add a punch of color to my dull Saturday clothes choice.

I think RED is the perfect party-starter. The contrast of colors is very noticeable, and I just love it.

Flats are okay, too; however, if you want to add more attitude, I say wear heels. Heeled shoes make you look confident and TALL. I’m only five feet, but heels can elongate the legs thus making the wearer look taller. Couple them with mini-skirts or shorts, and you’ll look more statuesque. Skirts and shorts that are below the knees can make height-deficient people look shorter. 🙂

Hype the look on lookbook and chictopia.

Thank you Katt Maxwell for taking my photos. 🙂