For months, I had struggled with my weight that it had caused so many problems for me and my body. Last year until summer this year I weighed 56 to 54 kilograms and soon after that I began to experience back problems. According to the JD Robinson formula, my ideal weight is around 49 kg. Although 54 kg is still well within my recommended BMI, my body is apparently incapable of handling too much weight.


This was me with my boyfriend last year. Actually, he’s the reason why I gained so much weight haha! That’s what love can do I guess. Lol (Feb 2013 – 56 kg)


And this was me in January of this year. I probably weighed around 54 kg here.

I am a working girl, student, and blogger, which leaves me no time to go to the gym to exercise or even cook my own meal. I guess this is the problem most of us Manila girls struggle with. Just traveling to the nearest gym would take me 30 minutes to an hour (due to heavy traffic mainly), and I could already use that amount of time for so many things, like sleeping. Haha I kid! But when I was literally paralyzed for a week last summer, I knew I had to change my habits and start losing the extra pounds, or else suffer from back pains and paralysis for a much longer period. And I’m telling you, it’s not fun at all.


Lately I’ve been trying out efficient ways to lose weight. My daily exercise consists of 50 squats a day and 30 pushups, which I do during breaks at work and a tablespoon of Psyllium fiber in my daily water drink, 30 minutes before breakfast. Doing so prevents me from overeating and helps digestion.


This photo was taken just a few weeks ago. This is how I look sometimes haha! There are days I love pigging out which automatically adds 1-2 kg on my current weight. During good days, I would weigh around 48-49 kg, but this week my weight has been 50-51 kg due to the many dates with friends I’ve been going to these past days. But don’t you think it’s a massive improvement considering that I successfully lost 5kg?


MEGAFIBER is available in jars and sachets at Mercury Drug stores nationwide

There are several Psyllium fiber food supplements in the country, but I use Megafiber because it is cholesterol-free, yeast-free and gluten-free.

Megafiber is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Anyone suffering from diarrhea, constipation, or just simply watching their food intake can use Megafiber. It assists in regulating the digestive system and ensures regular bowel movement by cleaning out the digestive system and eliminating waste from the colon and intestines, which in  turn provides relief to those suffering from constipation or to those trying to lose the unnecessary. According to the product label, when it absorbs liquids, it forms a slippery film and swells by 8 to 14 times its normal weight and forms a soft, bulky mass that passes quickly and easily through the colon and acts like a sponge in the intestinal tract. It also helps stimulate the reflex needed for the bowels to empty.

Additionally, Megafiber binds with cholesterol secreted in bile acids and excretes it before it is absorbed into the blood stream, which helps reduce cholesterol and correspondingly, the risk of heart disease. At the same time, it provides a feeling of fullness which in turn helps reduce hunger pangs, and lessens the tendency to overeat, leading to weight loss as Megafiber also assists in capturing then excreting the fats in our food. [source]

Please take note that Megafiber is suitable for adults and children, but NOT infants.

Megafiber is available in all Mercury Drug stores nationwide, and comes in different sizes: 7.5g sachets at P10.75 each, travel pack of 30 sachets at P325, and in 300g jars at P430. It is also offered in half-kilo family size packs at P705. All inquiries regarding the product can be directed to the installed customer service hotlines 524-6549, 354-2208 to 09 and 09474890262. You can also visit the website ( and Facebook page, or email info(at)megafiber(dot)com(dot)ph.

With the help of Psyllium fiber, diet, and exercise, I began to lose weight at a healthy rate and the back pain–although still present–is now tolerable. Hopefully I can continue this regimen until after I reach my goal weight. Wish me luck! 🙂