Waking up to this box of #ArmaniBeauty goodies is probably the most exciting thing that happened to me last month. I’ve been a long-time member of Influenster but I never got a single VoxBox until I moved to the US. Influenster is an online community of social media influencers that provides honest reviews on brands and products. Qualifying influencers like me get to receive a free VoxBox containing anything from makeup, skincare, and even household products. We are not paid to do these reviews so you can be sure that we are offering honest opinions on the products that we test.


Summer is about to end and it’s the perfect time to plan those OOTDs and LOTDs for Fall. Using the #ArmaniBeauty Eye Tints and Eccentrico Mascara from Giorgio Armani, I created a simple brown smokey eye makeup that’s perfect from day to night. Below are the swatches of the 3 eye tints given to me.

First impression: Scared. It was my first time using liquid eyeshadows, and going back to my experience with cheek tints, application can be difficult especially if the product dries out quickly. Also, I am not a big fan of shimmery makeup so I was a little apprehensive about Gold Ashes (#12). I instantly liked Nude Smoke (#24) and Fur Smoke (#21) though because they complemented my olive skin tone.


One advantage of using liquid eyeshadows is you don’t need to prime your lids. According to Sephora, Armani’s eye tint is formulated with a “hold booster”, a creamy polymer with glycerin that allows the colors to stay on for hours; therefore a primer is no longer needed. I wore this look for a date night with my husband and in-laws, and it didn’t disappoint.

I used three dots of Nude Smoke as base, spreading it evenly throughout the eyelid. To my surprise, the product didn’t dry out easily so blending was a piece of cake. It also acted as a concealer for my dark eyelids due to lack of sleep (hehe).


To be honest, I was expecting Fur Smoke to be highly pigmented but it wasn’t. I actually had to apply another coat to get the depth that I wanted. So if you want a darker shadow, then maybe another coat or two would do. It’s all up to you.

Using the applicator, I applied three dots of Fur Smoke to the outer corners of my eyes. Then, I used my ring finger and brush to blend the product properly and create a gradient effect.


As expected, I had difficulty using Gold Ashes. I was supposed to apply one dot only for each eyelid, but the shimmer made the product a bit clumpy, preventing me from creating the effect that I wanted on my right eye. I’m not sure but maybe giving the tube a slight shake before application might do the trick.

I also put a couple of dots on my browbone to make my eyes look brighter and more awake.


Lastly, I used the Eccentrico mascara to elongate my lashes. I was skeptical about it at first because it looked too liquid, but applying it was such a breeze. My lashes did not clump together (which usually happens due to excess product).

Although for people with small eyes, the applicator can be quite large. You can also accentuate the eye makeup further by drawing a cat eye, but I skipped that part for this tutorial.


I also made a video on this brown smokey eye makeup. I know it’s a little rough but do let me know what you think about it so I know what to do next time. Hopefully I’d get to share more video tutorials in the future. Enjoy! 🙂