I think the hardest piece to style is denim pants. They’re too laid back, and without stand-out pieces, a person can look ordinary, sometimes sloppy. I’ve had these pants for quite a while now (thank you, Wrangler) but I can’t seem to find the pieces that will complement it.


I don’t wear grunge well, so I decided to stick to my usual happy-color, happy-me outfit—pink with some green. The summer officially began—which also meant hello, dog days—when we took these photos, so I made sure to wear a light, sleeveless top.


We went to Ronac Art Center in San Juan for a magazine photo shoot. The building has beautiful architecture—a wide winding staircase is something you won’t really expect from a building that houses indie apparel. I wish I could share photos of the shop we shot, but alas, publishing policies won’t allow me. They will be published in CLAVEL Magazine’s April-May issue though, which will be out next month (I think).


Chad and I had been very busy the past few weeks, which explains the lack of post (and make-up LOL) in this blog.  But no matter, we finished all our assignments last week and we’re as free as birds again—a little. We traveled up north this week and I can’t wait to share pictures… but if you’re following me on Instagram and Twitter, I’m sure you’ve seen some of the breathtaking views I shared from our trip.


We love traveling and checking out beaches and surf spots. We always fantasize owning a VW  minibus like the one behind us in the pictures, so we don’t have to chase bus trips and what not. Transporting surfboards can get really exhausting sometimes. On one hand, traveling won’t be as memorable without adventure, right?


Pants from Wrangler | Heels from Sandra | Top from NU