Working for an organic and cruelty-free beauty company, I became more aware of the harm synthetic chemical and animal-derived ingredients can do to our health and environment. Late in the fall, I began transitioning to more natural skincare products that haven’t been tested on animals.

It was hard saying goodbye to products I’ve been using for years, but I’ve been lucky enough to get a chance to review products that align with my new beauty goal. Last month, I received these products from Cowen Enterprise, a health and skincare company that uses only natural ingredients in their formulations, for review.

I got to test Bio-Gold Crystal Anti-Aging Restructuring Firming Essence and the Bio-Gold Crystal Whitening Lifting Mask.

The Firming Essence uses Active Gold, Ginseng Extract, and natural herb essences that promote skin cell regeneration, leaving the skin youthful and silky smooth. While the Lifting Mask contains marine collagen, ginseng extract, and natural antioxidants that fight off free radicals that speed up skin aging.

I tried both products for 2 weeks and here are my results:

After that period, I could see and feel the difference. My skin actually looked brighter and felt firmer and smoother. Even my husband was amazed.

I applied the Essence twice a day and used up all of its contents just right in time for this review. The liquid was a bit runny, but I figured it was essential for maximum skin absorption. I’m fully satisfied with the outcome that I honestly wouldn’t mind purchasing one.

As for the mask – I’m in love with it! My skin has never felt softer and refreshed than it did since using the mask. It also helped that the mask was made of jelly so you can really see and feel your skin absorbing all the good stuff.

Have you tried any of their products before?


DISCLAIMER: The products were sent to me complimentary by Cowen Enterprise for testing purposes. All opinions are my own.