Many people struggle with creating their own style. They know what they want to look like yet somehow they aren’t able to transfer that look into their everyday life. Often the reason for this is down to a lack of confidence. Going against the grain of fashion and trends can leave you feeling vulnerable. We’re in 2014 now and there is no better time to take a stand and embrace the real you. Here are a series of tips that will help you to discover the style that really expresses who you are.

Start by Buying a New Notebook

What’s a notebook got to do with style? More than you think. Your gorgeous new notebook is going to be transformed over time into your very own exclusive look book; your task is to begin collecting images of things that you love in the fashion world. It could be models you admire, clothing and make up, anything that appeals to you. Begin cutting out pictures in magazines, print them off from Pinterest and other websites and start building your ideal image in the pages of the book.

You should also do some research into fashion. Read fashion websites and hunt down several fashion bloggers that really express the way you feel on their site. Head to the library too, start looking at past fashion and photocopy any images or even quotes that you respond to and stick them in your notebook too. Finally watch through some movies and pay attention to the characters that have a style and an air about them that you’re hoping to portray through your style.

Daily Photo Habit

While working on your look book begin cataloguing your wardrobe. Take a photo each day and paste them into your notebook (this is so much cooler if you have a Polaroid camera!). If you can’t print off your photos from your phone consider starting an Instagram account or keep them private in your gallery.

Ideally you should find a way to print them so you can place them in your book and write comments next to each look. Write down what you like and what you don’t like. Write ideas on how the look could be improved – perhaps your yellow belt would look better? Then try out your ideas on another day. Photos make it easier to visualise your style. You’ll learn about the way you’re dressing and it will teach you about accessorising playing with colours, shapes and proportions.

Try New Things

When you begin to gather some ideas on your new style it’s a good idea to begin trying things out. Obviously no one has the money to buy a new wardrobe of clothes just to test them out, so you’ll need to try and work out a way to do this without spending money. The best way is to find a friend with some pieces that match your look book image and ask if you can borrow some of her clothes for a week. That way you can wear them out and about and play around in front of the mirror and it won’t cost you a penny.

If none of your friends have anything suitable you can ask on free and swap websites or stick to trying on clothes in fashion stores. Make sure you try on complete outfits, everything including shoes and accessories. If you’re going for a vintage look or are trying retro get yourself into all the charity shops you can find and try clothes in there. You can even buy a few pieces as they won’t cost you as much.

Start Building Your New Look

When you’re feeling confident about your look book and new style it’s time to start buying things. Remember to think about what items are going to work together to make a complete outfit rather than buying a top without thinking what else you have or can get that will go with it. Remember the staple items too – you’ll want down time clothing like comfortable stylish shoes like Converse you can buy from retailers such as John Lewis, as well as dressing up clothing for business meetings and nights on the town. Work out what type of clothing and accessories you will need to maintain your brand new style while still being suitable for your activities and life in general.

With time, practice and confidence you can soon become the master of your own style. There’s no need to stick to what’s hanging on the racks on the high street, be adventurous and true to the real you.


Courtney Harvey is a fashion blogger with her own distinct look. By working on your own style you can increase your confidence and stop being one of the crowd.