Since entering the corporate world more than five years ago, my coffee-drinking habit has probably worsened. Before, I can function without caffeine in my veins but now I can’t even start working without taking a sip. I can’t say I’m addicted to coffee, I just like the warm feeling in my stomach. When I was younger, my mom and I would enjoy one cup before going to bed. It just feels so gooood. Unfortunately, all that caffeine consumption has left stains on my teeth, causing discoloration.


Aside from the stains, recently I have noticed soft buildup around my teeth, especially the back ones (yuck!). It was pretty alarming because I never had those since becoming more conscious about personal hygiene. Apparently, my current toothbrush isn’t doing the job. I never really took advertisements seriously until recently. I figured I needed something that can clean hard-to-reach areas, including those tricky corners around the teeth. Then, I discovered Oral-B Cross-Action Pro-Health a few days ago. It has criss-cross bristles so I thought this might be just the thing I need. I’ve been using it for a week now and I already noticed some changes. My teeth looked squeaky clean and less yellowish. The buildup around my teeth lessened as well.


The Oral-B Cross-Action Pro-Health toothbrush is specially designed to provide superior cleaning. It has a unique 16-degree angle brush that can reach areas that ordinary toothbrushes can’t. Because it removes 90% plaque, it can also help prevent oral health problems.


As a part-time entrepreneur, trainer, and blogger, I am required to speak to many people and clients so having excellent oral hygiene is essential. Since I was kid, many have told me that my smile is my best asset. However, my teeth were not in their best shape when I was in high school so I developed low self-esteem. We had no money then to visit a dentist so I carried that insecurity until college. It hindered me from participating in school activities and interacting with other students, which resulted to several missed opportunities. I knew I was not living to my full potential and it was very disappointing.


Our smiles are fundamental to our identity as Filipinos. Aside from that, having poor oral health is detrimental–especially for children–as it not only affects their nutrition, but also their self-confidence and quality of life. I can imagine how difficult it must be for those who do not have access to dental services. This is why I fully support Oral-B and University of the Philippines’ College of Dentistry’s campaign, Smile Pilipinas. The program aims to encourage the government to invest in oral health and offer free dental services to adults and children who cannot afford them.


To further spread awareness about the importance of oral health, I am encouraging my loves Katarina and Denice to share their own oral insecurity and how they were able to overcome them. Try Oral-B’s Cross-Action Pro-Health while you’re at it and let us know about your experience. Please note that you have to nominate 2 of your friends as well to do the same.