When Hollywood goddesses Charlize Theron, Angelina Jolie, and Catherine Zeta-Jones raved about argan oil years ago, it immediately became a top trending beauty product worldwide. The demand was so massive that argan oil became a billion-dollar industry, and still rising. Turns out, there’s more to argan oil than cosmetic hype.

Argan oil is extracted from the seeds of argan tree, which can only be found in southwest Morocco. Traditionally, Moroccans use the oil – or “liquid gold” as it is sometimes called – as salad dressing and bread dip, as well as topical treatment for skin diseases.

Packed with copious amounts of vitamin E, carotenoids, and fatty acids, this miracle oil is also highly praised for its ability to prevent hair damage, skin aging, acne, and even brittle nails. I put these claims to the test and tried ActuallyOrganic Argan Oil for 7 days and here’s what I found:


  • “We lab tested over a hundred sources of Argan Oil to find the purest source of Argan Oil. During this process, we discovered that 100% pure doesn’t always mean it’s good or even real. We have the highest quality Argan Oil available. Give it a try. You will not be disappointed.”
  • “We have the highest quality Argan Oil available. No bad odor. No preservatives and No chemicals. No other oils mixed in. No fragrances to cover up poor quality. This is not synthetic Argan Oil. No heat – cold pressed. Only Pure Argan Oil.”
  • Younger, Firmer Looking Skin – Anti-aging properties and can be applied as a daily moisturizer for healthier looking skin.
  • Restores elasticity, softens wrinkles and fine lines, heals dry scalp, and restores nutrient content to skin cells treating an array of skin conditions. Argan oil can nourish and moisturize, eliminating scaly, flaky skin, and has been found to help with skin conditions.


My top concerns are split ends and dry, brittle hair due to excessive styling. I put two drops of ActuallyOrganic Argan Oil onto my palm, spread the oil throughout the hair, and left it overnight. I immediately noticed the difference the next day! While I did not see my split ends decrease, my hair did become noticeably soft. The ends of my hair don’t feel dry and stiff anymore. Please note that during this period I continued my usual hair routine: washing every 2 days and using shampoo and conditioner.


Arguably, our nails are some of the most overlooked parts of our body. While we do have lots of nail salons to give our nails some colorful makeovers – some of us tend to neglect them. And no, taking care of our nails doesn’t only involve clipping and removing cuticles. Do you know why we keep having those painful hangnails? Apparently, that’s because our cuticles and nails aren’t moisturized enough. Like our skin, they also need proper hydration to keep them from getting damaged. With daily application, argan oil helped heal and soften my cracked cuticles.


Out of the many moisturizers I’ve tried, pure argan oil is by far one of the most effective. At first, I was skeptical of putting more oil on my face – but I am so glad I did it. It not only gave me softer skin, but it also significantly reduced acne breakouts. By this time of the month, I would normally get acne, especially on my forehead. I don’t know if the argan oil had anything to do with it but I only got one tiny pimple on my browbone right now. (Let’s hope I don’t get any more than that lol!) I just let the oil sit on my skin while I slept and that’s it. The next morning, I could even go out without putting any moisturizer.

P.S. My hubby used this on his cracked lips and they were healed the next day. NOT KIDDING YOU. He never got chapped lips after that. I wish I had photos to show but we didn’t expect anything to come out of it. I couldn’t find my chapstick so we just applied some argan oil hoping it would help, and it did!

There are many argan oil products available on the internet but ActuallyOrganic Argan Oil is less expensive compared to well-known brands, like Josie Maran. Because argan oil has become a beauty staple in a lot of people’s skin care routine, demand for this wonder product has skyrocketed. This also gave rise to purity concerns. Many companies claim their products to be 100% argan oil when it’s actually mixed with other kinds of oil. If you want to be sure, look for reputable brands, and check the label and smell of the product. The pure argan oil has a nutty scent. So if it’s perfumed, skip it – it’s not the real deal. Unadulterated argan oil should not have any other ingredients mixed with it.

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