????????????As someone who used to model for makeup artists, it made me curious where they got all the training they needed to become professional makeup artists and hairdressers. I wasn’t aware they go to “beauty schools” and attend workshops to learn. Back home, no one was organizing workshops where ordinary girls like me can learn how to properly use our makeup kits. Everything was trial-and-error, or whatever the parlor-ista thinks looks good on us. But despite the many so-called beauty schools that mushroomed in Manila, none of them could actually provide a certificate that would enable makeup artists to work abroad, or even demand higher pay. Many of them would still fly overseas just to get that certification, but how about those who cannot afford to get their certifications abroad? Since there’s no college in the country that could provide makeup and hair dressing degrees, no one is taking beauty professionals seriously, hence the measly wages.

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The opening of the Australian College of Hair Design and Beauty (ACHDB) Manila gives those aspiring to be professionals in the booming beauty industry the chance to earn world class degrees without having to enroll in schools abroad.

Joscelyn Langdon, the brainchild of Australian College of Hair Design and Beauty (ACHDB), is well aware of this. Committed to professionalize the beauty industry through education and science-based training here in the Philippines, she opened ACHDB Manila to give aspiring beauty professionals the chance to earn internationally recognized degrees and certification without having to enroll abroad. ACHDB first opened in the late 1980s in Victoria, Australia. Considered as the industry leader in beauty-related education, ACHDB is one of the largest colleges in Australia with six campuses across the continent, the biggest of which is in Melbourne. Her unwavering passion prompted her to open ACHDB in the Asia Pacific region, initially in Hong Kong and now, the Philippines.

How is ACHDB Manila different from all the other beauty schools in the country?

ACHDB Manila is the first and currently the only college with an internationally recognized license to provide hair dressing and makeup education in the Philippines. The curriculum is based on the local and global standards set by the Australian Qualifications Framework, the national policy for regulated qualifications in the Australian education and training system, as well as the Philippines’ K to 12 Basic Education program. Therefore, once you’ve completed your course, you are immediately certified to work not just in the Philippines but also overseas.

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Australian College of Hair Design and Beauty (ACHDB) Manila’s Principal/Marketing and Sales Head, Jaclyn Cayetano & Managing Director, Kenneth Asuncion

The Curriculum

The course curriculum features 75% hands-on practical training and 25% theory-based learning. The school has their own virtual salon, where students are expected to do all their practical exercises and exams. This provides them firsthand experience of the actual activities in their soon-to-be workplace. To facilitate learning effectively, ACHDB strictly adheres to the 16 students to 1 teacher ratio. The faculty is composed of hair dressing instructor Marvin Eustaquio, makeup artistry instructors Mitch Elendu and Faye Young, and lead instructor Cecille Rebollos.

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From left: Hair Dressing Instructor Marvin Eustaquio, Makeup Artistry Instructors Mitch Elendu & Faye Young, & Lead Instructor Cecille Rebollos

ACHDB Manila offers flexible learning programs to suit students’ various interests, needs, and lifestyles. The learning programs are:

Diploma or Accredited Hair Dressing Courses and Make-up Courses – a full 9-month program of intensive learning, training, and real salon work experience

“Build Your Own Program” – allows busy individuals to take a diploma or an accredited course by enrolling with minimum course units depending on their available schedule and finish their program at their own pace

“Manila to Melbourne Program” – where students can begin their training in Manila and culminate their studies in Melbourne and potentially find work opportunities thereafter

Recognition to Prior Learning (RPL) – specially offered to experienced hair and make-up practitioners but wish to gain a diploma or accreditation, whereby their skills and competencies will be evaluated by the school and in accordance with its qualification standards (all you have to do is pay the RPL fee to be evaluated)

Short Courses – including but not limited to Avante Garde Creative Cutting; Colour and Fashion Foiling; Basic to Bridal Elite Make-up; as well as Film, Theatre, TV and Specialized Make-up

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ACHDB is the best training ground in the country for individuals who wish to hone their talents and carve their niche in the beauty industry. Just imagine the exciting career opportunities that await you after you’ve gained that coveted diploma! For questions and enrollment inquiries, visit ACHDB Manila at Unit 301 Fox Square Bldg. 53 Connecticut St. North East, Greenhills San Juan City, Metro Manila or check out achdbmanila.com. You can also call Jaclyn Cayetano at (02) 507-8591 or send an email to [email protected] 🙂