This blog has been around since 2011, and yet when people ask me what is it all about – I’m always speechless. In the beginning, I thought the whole idea of becoming a blogger is to share experiences, so it never occurred to me to choose my stories and share only the ones that would boost my “brand” (if there was any to begin with). Until today, I still can’t figure out what I stand for. I love to dress up, fix my face once in a while, and share what I’m currently up to. Putting emphasis on “currently” because I easily get bored and move on to other things. Right now, I’m enjoying being a commercial photographer and creating beautiful things at Lathala Creative Studios, my product photography studio in Tampa Bay, FL.

So if you’re like me who can’t (and refuses) to get herself together, well, I must say you’re in deep shit. But at least you’re not the only one right? 


My name is Daphne, by the way. ‘Pleasure to meet you.