This post is two weeks too late but — happy new year everyone! I caught the dreaded “superbug” on the first week of 2017, causing a lot of work to pile up. I’m not a very superstitious person but that doesn’t sound like a very promising start of the year. Having said that, I’ve had worse so no amount of misfortune can ever stop me from working on my goals.

2016 was a year of big changes for me:

  • I moved to another continent.
  • Got married to the love of my life.
  • Got my green card.
  • Accepted a job in a totally different environment.
  • Learned how to drive.

Coming to America was a scary prospect for me at first. It has a totally different culture from what I’m accustomed to and I wasn’t very excited to come here. Aside from that, the idea of leaving my mother and siblings behind and starting over career-wise added to the anxiety I was feeling. But then when I got here, I realized it wasn’t that bad.

I was lucky to have Chad and his parents who are extremely supportive of us. They showed and taught me everything I needed to know and learn, making my transition smooth and easy. It also helped that Tampa has a huge Filipino community.

This year, I’m hoping to achieve a lot of things. But if there’s one thing I’m really bad at — it’s following through my goals so I thought of challenging myself this year and wrote a few resolutions.

  • First on the list is HEALTH. Since coming to America, my health took a nosedive. I’ve been ill every two months and I have been having breakouts like a teenager. I’m almost certain unhealthy diet and lack of proper sleep are causing them so I’m going to make sure I eat and sleep better this year. Acne has taken a toll on my confidence as well, which brings me to my second goal.
  • Focus on SELF-IMPROVEMENT. Lately, I’ve been wasting so much time sulking about my appearance that I’ve neglected other aspects of myself. Last year, I did not complete a single book nor painted anything (two things I used to love doing). This year, I hope to finish at least four books and a couple of paintings (?).
  • SAVE. SAVE. SAVE. My hubby and I will be going on a number of trips this year so I need to be more conscious of my spending habits. Although I must say I’m doing pretty well with saving a part of my salary. Here’s to hoping I keep up with it.
  • *MORE* *QUALITY* BLOG POSTS. Last year I published 26 blog posts, averaging 2 per month — which is not bad considering how lazy I was in the past few years. I didn’t even notice I published 5 in September and 4 in October! I know I can do it, I just need to be more consistent with doing it. I’ve also started devoting more time on growing my social media following, particularly Instagram. So far all my work is paying off and if this continues, hopefully, I’d hit 50k before the year ends (I wish). Also, I’m looking at branching out to Youtube this year.
  • Having said that, I need to reduce the time I spend being on my phone and give MORE ATTENTION to more important things, like myself and my relationships. You know that feeling when work has taken over a huge chunk of your life? It’s sad and I don’t like it. I need to find out a way to balance them.

I have a long list of goals this year but I only wanted to share the most important ones. When I was younger, I used to aspire to material things — not anymore. Sooner or later, we all reach that point where mental, emotional, and physical health are far more important than worldly possessions.

How was your 2016 and what are your plans for 2017?