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I never imagined rompers would suit me. I thought it only looks good on tall people. But lo and behold, it looked okay on me! Yay for another discovery! 🙂

Since stripes and prints are in season this year. I thought of “piling” on lots of stripes, hence the romper, bow necklace, and the bracelet. 🙂

This photo was taken by Albert Tagle in an abandoned place somewhere in Tagaytay. Make up was done by Dhanica Bagasina.


Hype this look on lookbook and chictopia.

Thank you to Cocco for the lovely romper and to Quirky Finds for the accessories!

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  • Hello Daphne!

    I think I have hyped this one on lookbook and even left a comment. I sure hope I’ve done that as I really love this look. Hope to have that kind of one piece in my closet. Quite expensive here in Sweden. Will definitely do a lot of shopping when I get to the PHilippines for a short vacation.

    Take care and stay pretty!

    • daphne

      Aw, thanks for that sweet comment and for hyping my look. I’m pretty new in and my heart melts every time I get hypes and comments. Really? What’s the price range? The Philippines is a great shopping place with lots of cheap stuff, you should really go here! 🙂

  • It’s very good post! Congratulations!! I really enjoyed looking at these pictures they’re absolutely beautiful. I also like to just browse for really Beautiful photos on the internet

    • daphne

      thank you! 🙂


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