That Little Black Dress

The little black dress has become a wardrobe staple by women ever since Coco Chanel popularized it in the 1920s. The initial design Chanel published in Vogue in 1926 was just a simple, straight dress that falls just right at the calves.

chanel LBD

Today however, decades after it was introduced, the little black dress aka the LBD has undergone different transformations in terms of cut, length, and embellishments. While many manufacturers still subscribe to the original design, many LBDs available in the market are shorter, more body-hugging, more revealing, and more decorated that sometimes they tend to look tacky. However, many are still well-designed just like the following little black dresses I found on, which will certainly suit women of various tastes.

The Ballerina


This A-line LBD reminds me so much of the film The Black Swan. This dress is perfect for girls who want to show off a bit of skin while still looking chic and regal.

The Heiress


This sequined dress is perfect for those girls who are fond of attending cocktail or corporate parties. The embellishments are balanced by the modest cut. Additionally, girls who want to show off their gorgeous collar bones may find this dress suitable for that agenda.

The Vixen


This dress can make or break your outfit depending on the styling. Sexy LBDs like this do not need much accessorizing—a simple pair of earrings and bracelet would do the trick. After all, the main accessory for this kind of dress will be YOU.

The Sweetheart


Designs like this will always be my favorite. It has all the qualities of the above-mentioned dresses. It has the right amount of embellishments—it may be a little short but it’s perfect for petite girls like me. The one-shoulder venus cut also provides the right amount of playfulness. This kind of LBD is fit for occasions such as the school prom; it’s definitely something sweet and fun girls would opt to wear.

DressFirst has a wide array of little black dresses to choose from. It’s important to remember though that to make an LBD standout, overaccessorizing is not very advisable. LBDs are usually great when paired with very minimal jewelry and simple shoes.

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  • i think one should own at least one or two black dress 🙂

  • Johanna Serrano

    I’m a black dress owner! I find it comfortable wearing one since its a universal color to wear

  • Black is really elegant looking, I’m sure you’ll look gorgeous wearing those dress.

  • jo-anne wong

    “THE” little black dress 🙂 I like the 3rd and 4th dress! Looks so stunning.

  • joysflair

    the little black dress will never let you down on any occasion, be it a daytime or a night time event 🙂 it is also easy to pair with accessories 🙂

  • Nova Joy

    oh yeah, black dress is now everyone’s favorite from a party to a wedding into just simple occasion, this would also helps plus women to look smaller because of the darker color.

  • i am with you, more decorations on the dress sometimes bring the dress down and already loses class and elegance

  • the second photo looks amazing though I am more of the heiress and vixen hehe

  • Rcel

    As a sucker of dresses, I am imagining my hanged stuff in my closet right now and try to virtually count how many black dresses I got! I think I have more than 5 of them! Lol. Yes, I love dresses in black a lot! Not necessarily little or short, but any type that makes me feel comfortable and makes me look fab in a simple way! 😀

  • algene may cutamora

    I love the sweetheart design. It looks fashionable. I can see the sophistication and elegance in it 🙂

  • Channel Imperial

    Coco Chanel! She revolutionized the little black dress! Such an accomplishment!

  • Tingting Rimart

    These dresses are perfect for promo night.


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