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Boutique de Reines Valentine’s Day Giveaway (CLOSED)

Happy February 1st! As a Valentine’s Day treat, Boutique de Reines is giving away these three boxes of green tea/Sakura Matcha KitKats. They’re absolutely delicious and very rare as they’re only available in Japan during springtime—I know you want it!!!


To join, all you have to do is accomplish the following:

1. Like my blog page and Boutique de Reines‘s fanpage on Facebook.

2. Post this as your FB status and set it to public. TAG Boutique de Reines and three friends:
“I want to win green tea KitKats from Boutique de Reines, hosted by Daphne Benosa! Click here to join: (tag 3 friends).”

3. Follow me and Boutique de Reines on Twitter.

4. Post this on your Twitter timeline and set it to public, and tag two friends:
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OPTIONAL: Increase your chances of winning by following me and Boutique de Reines on Instagram. (+1 entry point)

5. Fill out the form below and hit submit.


That’s it! A winner will be selected on February 14, 2013 via This giveaway is for Philippine residents only. Good luck!



Congrats #35 Cora Bella Asuero!

Please check your Twitter and/or e-mail. Thanks everyone for joining! Happy Valentine’s day to all of you 🙂


Last Saturday, when I was asked to imagine that I’m confronting the person who hurt me the most, I thought of him. Because of all the men I loved, he was the person who had left me such a deep wound. I chose him because I thought confronting him and letting him know how I felt of what he did would make me cry, like how it made me months ago. But I felt nothing. I was so surprised, I didn’t feel any pain nor did I burst into tears. Then and there I realized that I’ve already moved on. I’ve said it to my friends long ago, but they didn’t believe me. I’m not very good at lying, you know. However, now, I can truly say to every one else that I’m fine and back, finally. It took a half a year, but I’m free at last. I’m free.

I learned from this experience that when a relationship ends, there is no other way to mend it but by giving oneself time to heal.

Meanwhile, I’ll leave with you with Words I Couldn’t Say performed by Leighton Meester for the movie Country Strong:

Leighton Meester – Words I Couldn’t Say

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! 🙂


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