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Fiigirl: Très Chic

As you know I turned 25 two months ago, and since then I’ve been thinking a lot about how difficult fashion can be sometimes. I’ve always gravitated towards pink and super girly things, which are unfortunately not always befitting older women. Worse, I have very few clothes that are appropriate for my age. A week ago I was scheduled to go to a book launch of my favorite fashion blogger, Tricia Gosingtian, and I was worried about what to wear to the event. Tricia has easily transitioned from being cute to sophisticated, and I wish I was that successful. I just can’t seem to let go of my affinity for anything young and girly.

Luckily, Fiigirl–an online shopping site based in China–sent me a really nice black dress, which arrived a day before the event. Talk about timing.


The transaction was actually made in August, so it took about a month for the package to arrive at my place. This was the dress I was expecting to receive, according to the website:


Product description (taken from the website):

* Sleek popular design
* High class standout quality
* Very soft and comfortable to the touch
* Material: Cotton
* Pattern: Solid pattern
* Color: Black/rosy
* Size: M, L

I picked this style because I thought it looked so chic and definitely office-appropriate. Here’s the actual dress, I got the medium-sized one:

blog 032

Online shopping is quite tricky because you won’t see the item until it arrives at your doorstep. I’ve heard (and experienced) a lot of horror stories about online shopping–from clothes not looking the same as posted, too small or too big, etc. Thankfully the dress I got from Fiigirl is almost similar to the one posted on the website.


It’s not as cottony and stretchy as I hoped it would be, but that’s fine because the dress fits–although it’s a little tight around the armpits and a little loose at the shoulders. I’m not broad-shouldered so I understand that part. I just hope the sleeves were a tad shorter and the asymmetrical v-neck was more prominent like what is shown in the website. I think that’s the most interesting part of the design and the dress could have been more awesome if it was more noticeable.

blog 044

Nonetheless the dress still looks chic to me. LBDs are a woman’s must-have and I’m glad I finally got one that’s appropriate for my age but still fashionable. The best part is, it looks great with any shoe color.  Zalora sent me these gorgeous heels a week ago and I’m so glad it went well with the dress. They’re very comfortable too!

I wore very minimal accessories because I wanted the dress to be the key piece of this look. Tricia took a photo of me during the launch, I just hope I didn’t look fat in it, hehe. Overall, I’m satisfied with dress. It’s pretty and very affordable so I’d give it 4 out of 5 stars.

triciaTricia + Me at her book launch. Thanks to Candy Magazine for the photo! I gave her a subtle cat ears headband which I made the night before the event. I was so happy she liked it! She’s the nicest, I swear. Be sure to check out her book, 150 STYLE ESSENTIALS FOR EVERY GIRL! #fangirling

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Fiigirl dress | Pill shoes from Zalora


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This week is the best week ever! First, I managed to get myself a clothing sponsor AND THEN  I was fortunate enough to interview Tricia Gosingtian and Camille Co. Wait for the post this week and the next on Galerie! 🙂

Photo by Edric Chen

How to Wear Crop Tops With Style

The Philippines is quite a conservative country. Any outfit that shows more skin than the usual would elicit lots of stares from people–from admiration to disgust–depending on their fashion awareness. The summer season, however, is the time of the year that it’s almost excusable to wear anything short and revealing, except in schools, churches, offices, and even malls.

Karlie Kloss for Vogue

Swimsuits are like the beach uniform, but if you’re a little more conservative, crop tops are the best summer outfit option:

PHOTO CREDIT: Julia Monson at
PHOTO CREDIT: Lindsey Lugrin at


1. Crops tops can be worn with shorts (denim, preferably) or fitted jeans.

Kryz Uy of

2. Accessorize them with belts and necklaces to add some attitude.

Tricia Gosingtian of

3. Or pair them with harem pants and classy or statement heels.

4. But if you’re not into showing your tummy, you can wear a tank top, a bandeau, or any garment under it.

I tried wearing one today. I was slightly worried and scared that I might not pull off the look:

If you got Lookbook and Chictopia, you can hype the look here and here respectively.

My crop top is sheer so I wore a lace top under it. I accessorized by layering a couple of necklaces and putting on a handwoven belt for a more relaxed feel.

I also tried to add some cutesiness by wearing the accessories above. 🙂

For more ideas on how to wear crop tops, go here.

From Tumblr to New York Fashion Week

A long time ago, blogs were only considered as an online journal or a hideout for some people. But as technology improved, so does the popularity of blogs and the bloggers. Now, they are both loved and feared by many as this bunch of blog peeps can easily praise or scandalize people with just a few words. Aside from this, gifts, not to mention bangin’ shoes, clothes, and accessories, writing opportunities, media features, and access to sought-after events are some of the  perks that wait on bloggers’ doorsteps.

Tumblr, one of the biggest blog platforms in like the whole world has announced earlier in January of this year that they will be sending 20+ of their bloggers to New York Fashion Week. How’s that for a perk, huh? And yesterday, the list of 24 bloggers were released and they are: *(cue music)*

Jessica Schroeder (
John Jannuzzi (
Tricia Gosingtian (
Erin Hagstrom (
Rebecca Stice (
Sara Zucker (
Courtney Kellner (
Stefanie Fail (
Sabino Aguad (
Jamie Beck (
Geri Hirsch (
Giuseppe Santamaria (
Erica Domesek (
Ashley Yingling (
Montserrat Macuer (
Jeannine Tan (
Amy Weidenbach (
Rachel Schwartz (
Stephanie Toms (
Ella Wood (
Chelsea Bell (
Ashley Simko (
Terra McBride (
Alexandra Froggett (

Yes, you read it right. Tricia Gosingtian, the Philippines’ top fashion blogger, will be in New York Fashion Week! Yay! All 24 will get to stay in New York for free, dine with the designers, editors, and some fashion personalities. I follow Tricia Gosingtian in Tumblr and I know she definitely deserves to come to New York Fashion Week, which will open tomorrow (February 10, New York time) btw.

“Everyone from Diane von Furstenberg and Tory Burch to Donna Karan and Derek Lam will be showing their fall collections to fashion editors, buyers, celebrities, socialites and bloggers, while style experts watch closely for emerging fashion trends.” Just hearing Diane Von Furstenberg and Tory Burch makes me all the more excited. I will definitely watch out for the Fall 2011 collection.

Being an online blabber certainly has advantages. ‘Be back in a jiffy. 🙂

CREDITS: Photo © Tricia Gosingtian,,,,

Forever 21 + St. Francis Square = A Must-Love

Ali and I usually have lazy weekends together. We just normally eat, sleep, watch movies, and surf the net on those days. So today, to spice things up a bit, we decided to go outside Quezon City. She’d been urging me for weeks to visit St. Francis Square for there are lots of goodies there. And since it was just right behind Megamall, I asked her that we pass by Forever 21.

Whenever I go to Megamall, I always make sure to visit Forever 21 even if I do not have intentions of buying. Just looking at the store and its incredibly fashionable items makes me blissful!

Forever 21 has the most amazing pairs of shoes 🙂

Yep, that’s me trying on some nude wedges. I know what I want next time. Hee.

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