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When Jong and Chad taught me how to surf last year, we found out I was goofy-footed, meaning I use my right foot in front of the left when riding a board. Quite ironic, I thought, as the word is a complete opposite of my personality, according to many.

People think of me as a very serious person, even Chad before we dated. And I guess to a certain point, I am, but I can be really goofy when I’m really comfortable with the people I’m with.

I’m not afraid to look ugly as well. Hello, gummy face! Hahaha. A friend of mine calls me gummybears because I’d smile so wide my gums would always show. LOL. I like smiling, what can I do? I think it’s pointless to smile and act happy if you’re not genuinely happy.

And speaking of happiness, I was so excited when I saw these distressed studded high-waisted shorts and spike bracelet from Boutique De Reines in the mail last week. I knew they’d be perfect for my Baler beach trip with Chad. Of course, you’ll get the first dibs—I will be posting more photos of our trip here soon. 🙂

I love high-waisted shorts because they help emphasize the curves of my body. I gained a lot of weight recently, which went straight to my derriere  and thighs. My waist remained relatively small, so I knew these shorts are perfect for my body type. 🙂

Wore the spike bracelet with it for some added zest.

Forever 21 hat | Anti-Fashion Manila floral corset | Boutique de Reines studded shorts and spike bracelet | Solemate flats | Liz Claiborne watch

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Photos by Chad


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Thursday was such a busy and exhausting day. I and the boyfriend who has recently arrived from Florida (Yihee! :D) had to travel from Quezon City to Pasay to get our Bench Universe Fashion Show tickets at the SM Mall of Asia Arena (the show was absolutely stunning by the way; will post a separate  entry about it). Since MOA is miles away from my place, I had to wear an outfit in which I could freely move so I opted for this look.

Oversized studded knit dress from F-STOP| Bench shorts| Sling bag from Dushbag| Flats from Farmer’s Bazaar

Excuse my chubby self 😛 I know it’s been ages since I last shared an outfit post, but I am elated to tell you that I’m back and will be sharing more looks in the coming days! 🙂 This outfit is not that special I know, but comfort is always my top priority in deciding what to wear.

Also, I just couldn’t get over how comfortable this studded top is. Studs and knits aren’t really my style but I feel amazing in this! I think my look could have looked boring without the studs as well. ‘Wore shorts and flats with it so I don’t end up torturing my legs and feet, and I’m glad I did. 🙂

Of course, headphones and music are a must for travel.

It’s blurry but I like it. 🙂

Thank you, Chad, for taking my photos! <3

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