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Cocco Maxi + Florals

I’ve always been conscious of my height. Who wouldn’t when you always have to use a chair to reach anything beyond five inches in height? Hurhur :3 For that, I seldom dare wearing dresses and skirts that are below the knees. It’s a big no-no for short (ehem) cute girls like me. Hohoho. I don’t have slim legs either, which make matters worse. I envy those short girls who can pull off maxi dresses without looking like an elf.

Last week, however, I thought, heck, why not try donning one first? Fortunately, House of Cocco has this really sweet maxi floral dress. Exactly what I had in mind!

I must say I was pretty surprised when the photos came out. I don’t look short! Yay! I dunno if it’s because of the length or the wedges. Either way, I’m happy of the result.

Uhh, too happy actually. I remember my friend calling me Gummybears because my gums show when I smile too much. ‘Funny friend he is.

This awesome dress is sponsored by House of Cocco. (YES! I HAVE A SPONSOR NOW. YIPEE!) They have really pretty dresses, I often turn to Cocco when I have events to attend to. You can see photos here and here. Cocco, as I call it, offers lots of items–from dresses, accessories, shoes, to lingerie. It’s like a one-stop shop. Now isn’t that great? Visit their site to know where you can find their stores.

Ah, summer is almost over. 🙁

Photography by RC Lizan. Like his photography and studio page on Facebook!

Hair and make up by Rowena Cruz. Add her make-up page and online shop, The Closet Goddess, on Facebook!

Styling by yours truly :0]

Shot at Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center, Diliman, QC

Maxi floral dress from House of Cocco| Bangles from Seasons| Wedges from The Ramp (thank you, Nez! <3)

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Spring This Look for Spring

This year’s spring and summer look is all about florals and prints and lots of colors. Spring is about to start in foreign countries while we Pinoys are getting ready for the summer. Yes, it may be kind of redundant wearing florals and other colorful pieces in spring, but you cannot wear dark, heavy colors while soaking yourself in the heat and fun, could you?

Floral dresses, as I have noticed, are the easiest items to wear. Why you ask? Because it needs minimal styling. You don’t have to pile up tons of accessories because the dress itself is already an eyecatcher. With all that print, accessories are not required; slip in some flats and you’re good to go.

Check out how Zuzi wore her floral dress:

Or if you can’t live without any accessory, try donning a hat and a thin belt like Elle Ribera‘s style:

Wearing those heels with socks will give your look more attitude.

I’m more of a minimalist though when it comes to styling, so I just chose a pretty floral dress with pockets for a younger, go-getter vibe:

Since I wasn’t wearing any accessories, I added flair by curling my hair instead:

Katt Maxwell, a friend/colleague of mine who's been very kind and helpful to me today, told me that this was my signature pose and expression, which, unfortunately, I couldn't perfect when we took this. *sobs*


They say shoes can make any bland outfit fabulous. And I couldn’t agree more.

Floral dress at Cocco| Awesome Charles & Keith heels willingly lent by Katt (who was also the photographer for this post. Thank you, Maxwell!)

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