Natural Looks, Famed for Fragrance, Has Arrived in the Philippines

Happy new year, everyone! 2015 has gone and now we’re welcoming another. Many of you have probably completed your New Year’s resolutions or are already working on them. I, on the other hand, do not have any. I’m so bad at fulfilling promises so I just make sure I’m making the best life decisions as I go along. However, one thing that’s always on top of my priorities is body care. In my quest for good skin, I spend a good amount of money on beauty products and I’m not scared to try new ones. Two weeks ago, I was invited by Natural Looks, a company famed for its fragrance line, to their grand opening in SM North EDSA with KC Concepcion as main guest.


And what a beautiful woman she is. With her natural beauty and elegance, I think she’s the perfect ambassador for the brand. I said “Hi!” to her twice–which was quite creepy if you think about it–and couldn’t muster the courage to approach and ask her about the brand.  She’s very gracious to the others though. Oh well, good thing there are a lot of wonderful information about Natural Looks to write about.

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Lost at the Mall? The SM Mobile App Is Here!

SM Megamall, North EDSA, and Mall of Asia are currently the top 3 largest shopping destinations in the Philippines. So naturally, one can easily get lost when you’re inside these malls. While I was doing some last-minute shopping last week for my friend’s wedding, I saw an ad at the SM North EDSA entrance saying the company has released a mobile app. Curious how it works, I downloaded it and was immediately impressed.


I cannot easily identify my left from my right, that’s how bad my sense of direction is. So whenever I go to places as big as a stadium, I always rely on maps. I frequently use the Location Guide malls have by the entrance doors but more often than not they’re inoperable. As a result, I end up looking for the store myself and getting lost in the process. Luckily, the new SM Mobile App has a built-in store finder which allows you to find your favorite stores in each branch. To use the app, however, it is important that you register first.


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