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Holga Series: Sand in My Shoes

Hi! These are just some photos from the second set that was shot with a Holga lens. I am still amazed how the lens captured the light whenever I look at these photos. You may not see my face very clearly, but I do not want it to be the focus this time. I’m pretty sure you’re already annoyed seeing my face anyway, hoho.

If you are a frequent visitor of my blog, you’d remember this dress. It’s not a crime to wear things multiple times, you know. I’m not born with a silver spoon in my mouth, so why pretend having endless supply of clothes? Just saying. Besides, this is one of my favorite dresses but instead of heels, I opted to pair it with my trusty (and dirty) Vans sneakers, because obviously I cannot walk on the beach wearing 5-inch stilettos.

Now isn’t that just marvelous. I seldom see that kind of light and sky in the city. I think that’s the whole point of travelling and visiting places–to appreciate the work of nature.

I was so happy to finally see the ocean that I sat on the shore like a child and started filling my shoes with sand. Lol

Obligatory blogger outfit shots 😛 Make sure to come back soon for the last set of my Holga series. I promise you the last one’s going to be purrrty! 🙂

H&M dress| Vans sneakers| Forever 21 denim vest| Liz Claiborne watch| Union Jack connector ring from Ode to Her| Thrifted aviators

Photos by Chad

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Forever 21 heels, SOHO Central skater dress from Zeros and Fives (buy here)

Forever 21  necklace

Cocco hat

I watched The Avengers with friends twice this week. I wasn’t crazy with the picture the first time I saw the movie–sometimes 3D pictures can ruin a film. So last night, I and my friends decided to watch it (again), in 2D this time. And I was glad we did because I got to revisit some scenes that seemed confusing to me. May I just say the Hulk and Iron Man were totally hilarious in the film? I’ve been a fan of Tony Stark since I watched the first Iron Man movie. He’s extremely funny, and the role suits Robert Downey Jr. well.

I didn’t wear this outfit last night though. It’s so hot in Manila right now and there’s no way you could wear something like this.


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Photos by Antonio Aguila and Unica Policarpio


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