Big Silver Blowout (CLOSED)

Do you remember when you were a kid, you wanted to grow up so bad so you can be pretty, successful, and independent? I’m not there yet, but a week from now my real journey begins. Months ago I was still in denial about my age. I thought turning 25 would mean I’m old, but then I realized it’s actually the most exciting age, for me at least. I have to make wiser career decisions and start taking my plans seriously. I’m already too old to try out the ‘real world’ because I’ve done that already, and I’m happy to say I survived—as well as this blog. Throughout my soul-searching years, I know I’ve shared too many happy and devastating experiences in this small space of mine, which have probably annoyed you. But you, dear reader, decided to stay anyway and read my pseudo-inspirational stories. 😛 And for that, I am grateful—so grateful that I am doing this:


Yay! I’ll cut to the chase and present the prizes that are in store for four lucky readers!


First prize: Multi-layered dress, Che Guevarra tee, neon lips skirt from SUBCULT


 Second prize: 2 phone cases and accessories (your choice!) from House of K



Third prize: Php 500 worth of accessories from Personalized Accessories


Fourth prize: Ribbon rucksack from Boutique De Reines

TO QUALIFY, here’s what you gotta do:

1. Like my blog page, SUBCULT, House of K, Personalized Accessories, and Boutique de Reines on Facebook.

2. Share this giveaway on your Facebook timeline, tag us and three friends:

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5. Comment below with your Facebook name, Twitter handle/account, and email address.

And that’s it! 🙂


Get extra entry points if you:

a. Follow me, SUBCULT, House of K, Personalized Accessories, and Boutique de Reines on Instagram (+3). Help House of K gain 500-1000+ more Instagram followers and we’ll add more cases and a bag to the prizes!

b. Share this giveaway on your blog, linking to this post. (+5)

Leave your Instagram name and/or link to your blog post.

The winners will be selected via on August 15, 2013, and will be announced here and on Twitter. Good luck!


After checking a total of 142 entries, 4 winners have been chosen:

1st prize: Entry #51!

Sofia Bigay

2nd prize: Entry #130

Ana Monica Ayungao

3rd prize: Entry #41

Roselle Labitad

4th prize: Entry #13

Kristina Letada

Please wait for my email. Congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone who joined! Please note that winners have to respond to my email in a week, otherwise we’ll pick another winner. 🙂

Online Shopping Choices 2.0

Hey there! I’ve finally got myself together, so I’m back. I had personal issues to settle and goals to reach, that’s why I took a break from blogging. One thing I cannot get enough of is online shopping, though. It’s very helpful for lazy people like me—it’s convenient and hassle-free, plus the variations are endless (if you know where to shop).

I had my fair share of shopping horrors so I only buy from trusted online shops (see below). Last year I also made a feature on some local boutiques, which you can find here.



The brand name, Subcult, is a clipped word for ‘subculture’ which basically means a social group having distinct characteristics. From the name itself, you’d know that Subcult does not offer just any kind of clothing. Every piece is interestingly bizarre, kooky, and spunky (No wonder fashion editor/stylist Andre Chang loves the brand.). If you’re into muscle tees and clothing with graphic prints, Subcult is definitely the shop to go to. It is owned and managed by Unica Policarpio, a graduate of De La Salle University. You can find Subcult on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Boutique de Reines


I’ve shown a lot of Boutique de Reines, which means Boutique for Queens in French, pieces on this blog through my outfit posts.  They have every apparel a woman needs—dresses, separates, bikinis, accessories, and even tickets to your favorite events. It’s like every-girl’s store, where the pieces are functional but at the same time not too expensive. Definitely budget-friendly! You can find Boutique de Reines on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

House of K


House of K, formerly GF Shop, is owned by sisters Xylle, whose real name is Kristie Xyla, and Krissel. So you can pretty much guess why they renamed their brand to House of K. The shop initially sold adorable gadget cases and accessories, but after gaining some followers they decided to venture into the shoe business and then into bags subsequently. Their pieces are quirky and dainty—a perfect fit for girls who love color and all things pretty (like me hihi). You can find House of K on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 🙂

Personalized Accessories


One thing I love about online shopping is that you rarely see someone wearing the same stuff you’re wearing. What we put on our bodies is like a representation of who we are. Our choice of clothing and accessories is a reflection of our personalities, which is probably why many of us want to stand out, be unique—and why Personalized Accessories has become such a hit to people. Personalized Accessories designs all their products and also accepts designs from clients. Their products range from necklaces to bag tags, which you can give as gifts if you’ve run out of creative juices. You can contact Personalized Accessories on Facebook and Twitter.


In a few days I will be celebrating my 25th birthday, and as a treat, I and the above-mentioned brands will be giving away some lovely items on the 29th. So make sure to come back! 🙂


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