Chicken Charlie Press Launch + Giveaway! (CLOSED)

A couple of weeks ago, we were invited by Chicken Charlie to their third anniversary press launch. Since we are absolute chicken fanatics, we said we’ll go! And we didn’t regret that decision despite the venue being miles away.


When we arrived, they immediately served us their famous chicken drums and wings basket in both soy garlic and spicy. It was heaven! Plus the staff are very kind. πŸ™‚


What I love about Chicken Charlie is that they support local products. I should also tell you that Chicken Charlie is proudly Pinoy. And what’s more admirable than Pinoy businesses supporting Pinoy products? Part of their menu is Bayani Brew, a tea drink made by the nanays (mothers) at Gawad Kalinga’s Enchanted Farm in Angat, Bulacan. If you don’t know what Gawad Kalinga’s mission is, scroll down to the footer and click the Gawad Kalinga widget.


Bayani Brew is a very delicious (and nutritious) drink made from lemongrass, pandan leaves, and calamansi. And when you drink it with Chicken Charlie’s new Charlie’s Signature Burger, you’ll forget your name. I kid, but seriously, it’s mouthwatering, even Chad couldn’t stop telling me how heavenly the burger is.


We also had a chat with the Chicken Charlie owner, Ifore Yu, who is only 28 years old mind you! I didn’t actually expect him to be there so it’s a plus. He told us he didn’t have any cooking background, but he does know a lot about business management and according to him, the heart to work and improve–which is very important in any business.Β  And I personally think he’s doing a great job in managing the stores because if you check out the branches, you won’t even notice that Chicken Charlie has been around for only three years. The stores’ interior design is all done by Ifore Yu’s wife. They celebrated Chicken Charlie’s birthday on April 20.


To learn more about Chicken Charlie, check out their website:


After the launch, Chicken Charlie gave us lots of gift certificates. Chad and I used up the first 500, so before I consume all of them, I’m giving away my five remaining GCs. After a couple of weeks, I’ll be choosing one winner who’ll receive 5 1oo-peso worth of Chicken Charlie gift certificates for a total of Php500 (that’s 3 delicious meals already!) via So here’s what you gotta do to win:

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And you’re done! Please note that this giveaway is not sponsored by Chicken Charlie. The winner will be announced here and on Twitter on May 15, 2013. This giveaway is for Philippine residents only. Good luck!


Here’s the lucky winner of 500-peso worth of GCs! Congratulations and thanks to those who joined. Watch out for my next giveaway!

Chicken Charlie (Responses)

Hi, Riel! Please wait for my email. Congrats! πŸ™‚

At Peace


When my father passed away due to illness ten years ago, I thought life had no meaning anymore. Losing the strongest man you know at a very delicate age is devastating. I had no male figure to look up to, except my brother who was only a teenager as well; I had no dad to ask for advice during the most difficult times. I grieved for a year, and eventually realized that I had to continue living. And I did.


My life became more funereal afterwards to the point that I became immune to all frustrations, which led to poor decisions. I experienced quite a series of misfortunes that I thought bad luck was my last name.

But someone told me:

“One of the most self-destructive tendencies we have as humans is not allowing ourselves to be happy. This is because there is another voice in our head, the adversarial force that rushes in the moment we achieve any sense of true joy, and whispers in our thoughts all the reasons why we need to be afraid, upset, or stressed.

Our job is to consciously choose a sense of inner peace over that voice of negativity.

A life of happiness lies in your own hands, and more importantly in your own mind. It’s just waiting for you to choose it.”


Sometimes we have to confront our fears and pain to see some light, and when I did that, everything turned nicer. I became more wise and more at peace with myself and the world. I accepted that it’s possible for me to be happy.

And you will be too, dear one. Whatever is holding you down right now will not be there forever. It will loosen its grip sooner or later, but always remember to stay strong so it won’t drag you down with it. Life is too wonderful to waste. πŸ™‚


Studded top from F-STOP | Skater skirt from SUBCULT | Forever 21 booties | ULINX magnetic jewelry

I wore this look during the Chicken Charlie press launch. Chicken Charlie is a proudly Pinoy chicken restaurant which will celebrate its 3rd anniversary tomorrow! I’ll be posting the photos really soon and will be announcing a cool treat for you guys, so watch out! πŸ˜€


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