Shopping Online for the First Time? Tips and Strategies for Finding the Best Deals

If you haven’t done any online shopping before, but have started to think about it, rest assured that it is a good idea. Not only are you going to save valuable time, but you are also going to have more chances of scoring a deal than you would with traditional shopping. The reason is simple: when you are shopping online, you can compare products and prices at the simple click of a button, as opposed to going from store to store. However, it can be easy to get lost among the immense number of options that the online world opens up. This article will give you some strategies to keep your mind focused so you can find the best deals out there.

Begin by Looking on Customer Review Sites

These types of sites are a life-saver because they allow you to search the product you would like to purchase, and then they give you a list of a few options for that product, with the price included. These sites also typically offer you the chance to read through comments and reviews by people who have bought the product you’re interested in from a certain online vendor. This is a great way to get acquainted with the different policies sites might have, and also to find out whether they charge an enormous amount for shipping. This is something important to look out for, because even if the product you’re getting is relatively cheap, if it’s coupled with a high shipping fee you’re not really saving anything.

Use Coupon-Finding Sites

Coupons are a great way to save, both online and offline. The only difference is that when you are making your purchases online, there’s no need for you to cut out coupons and carry them with you. Instead, you should look for them through coupon sites (which can be found by searching with Google). Then, when you’re at the checkout stage, you will be asked if you have a coupon code. Fill the box out, and there you have it! You’ve just saved some money!

Sign Up for Sites that Offer Merchandise You’re Interested In

Though signing up for sites often results in a lot of emails being sent to your inbox (and, in all honesty, nobody is ever attracted to that), there are some benefits. Often, online retailers will send you coupons and let you know about any promotions they may have going on through emails. You should sign up for these emails only if you are interested in the type of products the vendor is offering, since otherwise the only thing you’re accomplishing is spamming your inbox with unnecessary clutter. However, if you already like a certain retailer, then getting coupons from them delivered straight into your inbox is quite convenient.

Become a Member to Save More

Signing up for a site is one of the ways in which you could become a member, but there are other ways. For example, some sites ask you to fill out a survey for them, or they may have a buyer’s club available. If you see yourself purchasing products from a certain online retailer, then becoming a member is a great idea, as it will offer you exclusive perks. Aside from being among the first to know about any promotions, you might also gain access to items that are limited inventory.

If you are thinking of starting to do some online shopping, keep these things in mind to make sure you’re saving money. Though at first it may seem time consuming, after some practice you’ll get better at going through the first two tips, which will result in you saving both time and money. The last two strategies are great if you are interested in a particular online vendor, and are great ways of keeping yourself informed of available or upcoming sales.

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  • Great tips. This would help ensure you get the best deals and find the best sites.

  • Pal Raine

    My first time to go shopping online is with Lazada. I don’t find any serious problems with them only minor, hehehehehe…when they have not sent me the hanky which is an add on to my bag. Great tips here sissy.

  • Ebay is my first ever online shop and I still do. and yes, being able to compare product’s features and prices is my favorite part of online shopping.

  • Good tips for shopping online. Trusted sites for that matter.

  • Ria C

    These tips are spot on! Thanks for sharing them. I’m such an online shopper addict so I usually check reviews from previous shoppers. I also ask friends for their input if they had shopped in a particular online site before. Also, the Verisign seal is very important to me. I want to be sure that my details will not be compromised.

  • Good tips! When it comes to online shopping – reading reviews is a must! <3 Word of mouth and customers feedback are definitely one of the few things you can rely on before doing any purchases – plus, research!

  • Helpful to people who likes to order online and to many who plans to.

  • otepsphere

    Indeed, great tips and strategies! I always use the ”

    Use Coupon-Finding Sites” when buying domain(s).

  • I like online shopping, too, and shopping via local websites is much better IMO.

  • I had bought a few time online, and so far I have no bad experiences.

  • travelquest

    I only shop online to a reputable online business like amazon and ebay. But still be very careful sharing your credit card or debit card online,

  • Alaine

    I’ve ready so many things about online scammers that I refrained myself from buying things online albeit its convenience. Thank you for sharing these guidelines!

  • Rochkirstin Santos

    We also go for trusted sellers in eBay and read the comments made on their page to make sure that all transactions would be safe. Also, we pay through Paypal so in case there would be disputes, Paypal will be the one to settle for us.

  • Johanna Serrano

    So far I have only shopped at Zalora and some small time online shops. I pretty much had no bad experience.

  • I’ve been member for so long of so many online shops but never really bought one hehe. I am not yet convince somehow haha. Like when I see bershka and forever21 stores I can see and can’t help to notice those fabric they use is the exactly type of fabric I buy in thailand or local stores here in malaysia for a more cheaper price hehe I guess you gotta buy the name that comes with it haha I am not hating but I love to look things like in this case. I love those gadgets online shops though Save a lot from buying online.

  • Nova Joy

    I’ve never shop online when i was still in my native country, i didn’t realized the reason why in western country, i guess aside from the enhance technology, people would rather shop online to be comfortable due to weather .

  • I remember my feelings when I did my first online shopping, it’s really risky and you can’t help to worry. Thanks for these tips, it’s becoming easier to shop online nowadays. I also love sales! ^^

  • I also tried buying things on line but haven’t tried buying clothes since one time I bought a shoes and I don’t like the fitting so I guess it would be the same in buying clothes on line.

  • Mitchelle

    Sure there are advantages and disadvantages in online shopping. We just have to be wise enough to know which one works for us.

  • Amen and amen!! This is the wave of the future, and I hope we in the Philippines would fully jump on the bandwagon soon.

  • Becoming a member to save more is really a great move. I do not do online shopping a lot but I think with the way my life has become busier I might turn to it soon 🙂 thanks for the tips!

  • I love online shopping since it’s fast and hassle free.. but I guess one thing to consider especially when buying locally, is that having contacts/ customer service is a huge factor so that you can easily communicate with the store just in case something bad happens with the transaction..

  • papaleng

    Helpful tips for newbie online buyer. Shared this post to my wife. Never pa siyang bumili online.

  • papaleng

    revisiting. and just curious about the coupon stuff. mapagaralan nga ng husto.

  • I agree with your tips. If I may add, I’d like to add influencer’s review on certain products. I know some influencers especially bloggers are biased in reviewing and recommending products, but they can be helpful in knowing the real deal about certain products which you want to buy online.

    And another note is that in buying products online, choose sites and sellers that are credible. Again, if a blogger who is an online entrepreneur, is selling stuffs on the Internet, you can be assure where you can rant and post your dissatisfaction in case you don’t like the products you bought online.


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