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Who doesn’t love branded clothes? They are chic and trendy, but unfortunately come with a high price tag. Brands like Forever 21, Zara, Topshop, and Mango are just some of the many in demand high-street brands in the country. However, most of their items cost a thousand pesos and above, an amount that only the upper middle class and rich people can afford. Fortunately for people like me who are always on a tight budget, there are online stores that offer authentic apparel for half the original price or less—one of them is The Overruns Store.430012_278286178910886_2105158440_n

I found out about The Overruns Store four months ago on Facebook. I’ve always wondered before where all the unsold items from boutiques go. Forever 21, Zara, and the likes may be big brands but I know not all manufactured items get sold out. Through research, I discovered that these unsold items, called excess overruns or stock lots, go to warehouses and are being sold at a very low price, sometimes at 90% less than the original price. Resellers would then buy these excess overruns and export them to interested buyers in other countries. People would often call them as export overruns as well. The Overruns Store is one of the most trusted sellers of export overruns in the Philippines, with more than 20 thousand followers on Facebook and almost 50 thousand followers on Instagram. It’s where I also got most of the high-street clothes I wore on some of my previous blog posts.

I love Forever 21 and The Overruns Store provides the prettiest Forever 21 pieces, even though they were originally released two or three seasons ago. I haven’t met the seller personally yet, but I think she’s young and knows what teens and young adults want. I mean, there are literally millions of excess overruns and those include items for mature women. If the seller doesn’t have a vision of what her customers need, chances are she’ll just sell whatever’s available. But the TOS owner is not like that. 🙂

TOS stocks run out quickly because thousands of girls eagerly await for every post of new items from the store. You will have to be very patient when waiting for confirmation of your order. Other than that, you don’t have to worry about anything else. The items are in very good condition, usually priced beginning Php 250 and above. That’s a great steal! For a thousand bucks, you can get at least four branded apparels. Not bad right?

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  • Nice outfit for Holiday season and very cool.

  • Nova Joy

    They have high quality too, but to think that if you spend too much on branded names, it feels like your buying their brand names, too right?

  • Dr. Philip Tan-Gatue

    Overruns are fun. I remember in the US I would try to get (and usually get) bargains at Marshalls. I’m glad such options exist here.

  • that’s great you have the option there too to get items you like at a much lower cost, I used to buy a lot for friends out there who would ask me this and that since it’s overly expensive daw there, now I understand why it seems I get less request these days 🙂

  • very nice store will check it out after this comment! great buy plus the label sounds good together!

  • Tingting Rimart

    I am not really a brand conscious shopper, but I would love to buy some, especially at discounted prices.

  • princess pierre

    The business owner is a genius! It’s about time, the Philippines have the same access to overruns. I suggest however, just make sure you are getting perfect merchandise because even here in the US sometimes you run into items that are not just slightly imperfect but totally imperfect. That’s the reason why, I tend to veer away from such sources here. Once in a while, if I have ample time to inspect and look closely, that’s when I go for it. The prices are awesome.

  • joysflair

    I didn’t know about this, only now, thanks to you hihi. It is indeed a perfect deal for branded clothings, be checking on their Facebook page 🙂

  • There is treasure to be found in manufacturing overruns especially for wise shoppers.

  • papaleng

    Good you find it. I’ll let my wife check the site later. She too love branded items eh.

  • candyzmakeuptreasures

    I like branded clothes but most of the time I ended up
    buying cheap unbranded goodies. Thanks for sharing about that store.

  • Laila Hermosa Mercado

    name :laila hermosa mercado
    email address:

  • Rowena Dimagiba Leano

    Hi where can i find the store? I am interested, i loved h&m zara bershka…


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