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I had my first prom in 2004. Like any other girl, I was excited to prepare for the event. Unfortunately it wasn’t the best experience. My dress was bland and my gay neighbor took it upon himself to shave my thick eyebrows until there was almost nothing left. Oh the horror! However, because of that awful experience I learned a few things and tricks. The next year I made sure I planned everything—from the dress to makeup. When the day of my senior prom arrived, I looked okay but it was a vast improvement from the previous year. I enjoyed the prom so much—partly because it was my last year and I was with friends, and I was comfortable with my look that night.

If I had a choice though, I would have had a dress made specifically for that occasion. Alas, I only came from a humble family and all we can afford is a rented gown. Butttt.. if you have money to spend, I do not see any reason why you should not plan on looking prom perfect. Since I’ve been there, below are some tips I can share on how to have the best prom evahhh!

1. Pick a dress that YOU LIKE. You cannot go to a party wearing your pajamas, so make sure to pick or design a dress that best suits your personality. There are a lot stores online that offer affordable and trendy dresses, like JenJenHouse and DressFirst to name a few. If I were to go to prom today, the following are the dresses I would likely chose:


A pearl pink dress, because pink is a pretty, feminine color. Case closed. Just look at the details at the bust part. Gorgeous, aren’t they?


A gold dress with a beautiful cut at the back. Gold, when paired with minimal accessories, can make anyone look like a queen.

2. Do not sacrifice comfort for style. Prom means a lot of dancing and “chasing” your crushes, so a dress that will let you move freely can help you in enjoying the occasion at the highest level. An empire-cut dress is not very restricting because it doesn’t hug the pelvis and thighs, enabling the wearer to move about. The empire cut is also my absolute favorite.


3. Dare to be different. 95% of girls who go to prom wear long dresses. Be more unique by wearing something short or any cut that will show your gorgeous legs. This silver beaded dress has a beautiful mullet cut, plus the color is something that you don’t normally see in occasions like prom. Aside from that, this kind of dress is perfect for petite girls like me.


Silver can make anyone look like the Ice Queen ready to take her well-deserved crown.

So those are just a few tips I wanted to share. As for shoes, silver heels can be paired with just about any dress. Putting on some earrings, bracelet, perfume, and a simple makeup would be great too. Just remember not to wear too much. Minimalism is key.

And finally, the most important thing to remember is to be yourself. I know that sounds cliche, but if you keep on conforming to other people’s standard of beauty you will only end up unsatisfied and unhappy. Just enjoy the moment and let you inner prom queen shine! 🙂

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  • Oh I love that golden dress it’s so elegant! Sorry about those brows that has been shaved into nothingness.

  • Renz

    I remember back in high school na ang daming bawal sa dresses, especially sa mga girls, the ones that you’ve posted were prohibited. Ang boring! Palibasa I studied in a Chinese Catholic school. Lol

  • Laarnie Deguzman

    gosh! i love the first prom dress i remember my high school days lol 😀

  • Jam Daquio

    True.. I’d gone for comfort during my time. I didn’t wear tube gowns. hahaha

  • I was hoping to see your throwback prom look but this dress looks really elegant for the ladies.

  • leirs

    The only thing that i wished for was a date.. I went alone and hang out with friends

  • My partner wore the same as in number 2, a spaghetti strap with cut at the back.

  • Nova Joy

    being beautiful and have a dashing dress is what women were up to that time, they want to look gorgeous during day.

  • Juliana

    Your post brings back happy memories from eons ago. The dresses are all prom appropriate, dainty and sweet.

  • Kathy Lacuna

    Love the gowns! Simple yet elegant cuts.Perfect for the prom. Brings back memories. 🙂

  • Rochkirstin Santos

    These dresses are not only perfect for prom but also in other formal occasions. I’m inspired to buy one as well.

  • love your words of beauty, so true, if we keep on conforming to other’s standards, we would never be satisfied, what is most important is we know how to enjoy and appreciate each moment that passes by.

    oh, so sorry about your eyebrow, I could feel the horror, I probably would cry, but you were brave, you still attended your prom despite what happened, just show impressive strength of character and confidence.

  • chubskulit

    Love the silver dress! I can almost see your dismayed face when your eyebrows was shaved lol.

  • That peach colored dress and navy blue one is something of my taste – lovely!

  • Do not sacrifice comfort for style…. that is one thing I always take note of when dressing up! This makes me wish I could have attended a prom night too….:)

  • Jessica Cassidy

    Those gowns are beautiful Sis 🙂 I would pick the blue 🙂 I never experinced attending a prom back in high school 🙁 I hope that my kids can experience it someday 🙂

  • Nicole
  • The prom dresses now a days are totally far different from our generation. These colelctions are glamorous and trendy.

  • Pal Raine

    I’d never experience dressing this kind of a gown during my high school years. Our school was very strict in wearing glamorous and expensive gown, we should abide by our rules in school and that is to wear simple casual dress during our prom.

  • Kenneth Manaloto

    Oh those dresses – I would like to pick the first and last one . Very ellegant.

  • Ohh I remember my last prom ahha I was such a noob in beauty and fashion back then. I love the last dress! I hope I wore that during those days. I might have sitted as the prom queen hihi

  • Jerwin Palapuz

    I am not so conscious about girl’s passion but my sisters are much concerned with their dress especially in Pagsamba.

  • Yamito Uytingco Calamba

    I agree! The silver dress looks elegantly beautiful. But i think the gold dress with a gorgeous pattern and beautiful cut looks more catchy and a very red carpet-ish.

  • docbien

    Basta prom talaga, another good excuse to be fashionable. Never experienced prom though. 🙂

  • Jonas Labagala

    If I meet a girl on a date, I want her to wear the silver one. She will be like the most beautiful girl that I will have on a date! 😀

  • Fox Ada

    I got mine in the online dress shop Out of about 6 shops I visited, the DRESS Store was by far the nicest inside, most helpful and nicest selection of dresses. Good luck xx


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