Prom Dress Shopping Tips for Petite Girls

A petite short girl will want to stick with a short dress for her prom. Wearing a long dress will make it hard to dance and will hide the girl’s legs. Ideally the skirt of the dress should fall either just above a girl’s knee or just below it.



The shape most girls choose for their prom dress flatters their figure. Short girls like to wear empire waist dresses. Full skirts should be avoided by short girls. But if a girl chooses a full skirt the top of the dress should be tight. Backless dresses with spaghetti straps are a great choice for girls with a petite frame. Bateau short dresses are also a good choice for prom night.

Empire  and Tight and Long Dresses


Backless and Spaghetti Straps and Bateau Dresses



The ideal way to look taller on prom night is to wear a dress with matching shoes. If they want a patterned dress it should be small. Many short girls choose to wear booties with their prom dress.

Dangly Earrings and Heels



Short dresses that show off a girl’s shoes should never be worn with an ankle strap shoe. Many petite girls choose to wear high heeled shoes to their prom. The accessories a girl chooses with her prom dress can make or break the whole dress. It is very important that any accessories worn with a prom dress do not detract from the dress itself. Accessories such as dangly earrings should be used to add a subtle touch to a prom outfit. Earrings should complement the dress.

Hair and Makeup

Finally, hair and makeup are important also. Many girls pile their hair on top of their head or simply have it curled. Makeup should match the dress and not be overwhelming. All of these elements come together nicely to make the perfect prom style.

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  • Now I know why short girls should wear dresses that fits for them. thanking you for this article ’cause my knowledge widens about fashion.

    • You’re welcome, Fernando. 🙂

  • Channel Imperial

    I wish my prom dress was like these. Hehehehe! It wasn’t a good experience for me but I had no choice. Teachers will not allow us to graduate if we don’t join. LOL!

    • Me too! My dresses were awful as well as my make-up lol

  • I know right! Thanks, Marie. 🙂

  • Thanks, Princess. I wish I knew these tips when I was younger.

  • Glad you like them, Rcel! 🙂

  • Merry Christmas too! 🙂

  • YES! enough with the tacky, sparkly and too much going on prom dresses. Prom dresses should looked like this! classy, elegant and very tasteful.

  • the red long gown and the short purple dress look awesome! i love how sparkly it is makes you stand out at night!

  • all the samples above are beautiful as prom dresses, but I like the red one,…classy and cool!

  • Hainrihi Rhine

    The dresses are all so pretty and cute. I’m a petite girl so I can buy these dresses and use them for special occasions 😀

  • Looks like pastels are taking over as the preferred prom dress. It’s also a lot warmer on the eyes too.

  • Kathy Lacuna

    These designs are so lovely. Love the purple skirt in particular.

  • Rochkirstin Santos

    Do you think that the color of the shoes and bag or purse should match as well or go complementary?

  • papaleng

    Except for the long dress, all of the featured dresses specially the yellow one fit petite women.

  • Ohh thanks for sharing this Daphne and for including Promise’ vid. I really like her! 🙂

  • Jonas Labagala

    Most of the dresses here would fit a petite woman and to boost their self-confidence, they can wear high heels. 😀

  • GilCamporazo

    No more worries for short petite woman on what to wear in her prom. She could have the best option here to select.

  • Yamito Uytingco Calamba

    Oh wow! These are some really good dresses. And i definitely agree! These are the kind of dresses I see on prom nights on tv series i watch. 🙂


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