I couldn’t think of a name for the post so I used the photographer’s title instead. How lazy of me, I know. Looking at these photos I initially thought of Sunkist (90s kids know this). I look so orange-y I want to drink myself. Haha. Ugh, awkward statement.

H&M Dress from Shop Class, Asianvogue heels

Miss Sartorial detachable collar

Orange has always been my favorite color since high school. My friends can attest to that. One time during our Christmas party at school, I wore a full orange+white outfit—top, bottoms, and slippers. I looked hideous. Lol. But seriously though, for me, orange looks very fresh and soothing to the eyes. It always reminds me of summer, and we know what summer usually means, right?—FUN!

Bag from Landmark, The Little Things She Needs connector ring

Cocco boater hat

I lost a number of stuff during the shoot, more due to my clumsiness and carelessness, which I tweeted about here. Nevertheless, I tremendously enjoyed this shoot with Antonio Aguila, who I met during the Philippine Fashion Week last year. This guy is so talented he does not alter his photographs and posts them on his blog as is, except of course this collaboration of ours. He did a bit of color-grading, but it’s obvious no alterations were made on my face and body. I can actually spot the teensy flabs hahaha 🙂

If you like my OOTD, hype this look on lookbook and chictopia!

Thanks again, Anton, for the wonderful photos! ‘Will be posting more pictures from this set soon.

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  • Just saw your blog while I was browsing through outfit pictures in google. I think this is gonna be just another fashion blog, but it’s not. Your outfits are simple, seems comfortable and looks classy too. The types I want to wear. And I love orange too, only that I don’t think it’s going to suit my tanned skin. Haha. I’m quite dark. Omg. I just love your fashion 🙂

    • daphne

      Hello, Joanne! Thank you so much for the compliments! You almost made me cry. :3 Haha. But yeah, I’m not trying to be “unique” or anything. I just happen to like wearing nice clothes that don’t make me feel uncomfortable. Thanks for dropping by! <3

  • Hello there! i read about you on a magazine and since then i look foarwrd to more of your posts on lookbook.. i’m already 25 but i don’t dress well, coz i thought dressing up is just for tall girls, i stand just almost 5’2, like 5’1 1/2?..and that was my reason of having no interest to dress nice.. i totally agree with Ella, i’m such a fan of you, coz you can pull off those looks without any effort on the camera too, you look so full of confidence..ugh i wish i can dress up like the way, do you mind if ask you what’s your height? i’m just interested to know..i hope you don’t mind.. thanks and i hope to get a reply from you soon..God bless-Larue

    • daphne

      I’m only 5ft~ :3 Haha


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