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What’s Up with Royal Fashion?

Every woman in the world has dreamt of being a princess. We imagined ourselves wearing sparkling gowns, diamond-encrusted tiaras and crowns, overflowing food, unlimited riches, and a handsome prince, not knowing that there is more to being a princess. In the real world, royal people are nothing different from celebrities. Their lives are open to the public, paparazzis swarm around…

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Dr. Lydia Venzon Celebrates Her 84th Birthday!

If you’re a nursing student in the Philippines and you do not know Dr. Lydia Venzon, I pity you. No, really. It’s like a must that you know her because she is just one of the founding members of the largest nursing associations in the country. Plus, her three books (which I helped edit, btw. Ehehe.) are most probably your…

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My Life as an Editor

I get iffy whenever people ask me what my job is. And when I say I’m an assistant editor, they wow at me like it’s super cool (I’m not saying it’s not though). I’m just really not the kind of person who announces to everyone (personally, at least) what my job is and the kind of work I do. There are cons…

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Getting the Perfect Fit: Determining Your Dress Size

One fashion staple every woman must have in her closet is an LBD (little black dress). However, a true fashion-conscious woman should not only buy any LBD in display, she must also make sure that it fits perfectly. If you are an extemporaneous, impulsive shopper like me, time is always of the essence. As much as possible, fitting a dress…

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Eulogy to Lola

Cita, or Lola Sot, as we, her grandchildren, fondly call her, is the most affable person I know, not because she frequented community gatherings, but because people seemed to know her wherever she went. Oftentimes, while on our way home from church mass, a random person would come forward and introduce himself to Lola, relive memories of the time he…

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