My Life as an Editor

I get iffy whenever people ask me what my job is. And when I say I’m an assistant editor, they wow at me like it’s super cool (I’m not saying it’s not though). I’m just really not the kind of person who announces to everyone (personally, at least) what my job is and the kind of work I do. There are cons when I do, and I want my “personal writing life” to be set apart from my job. Do you get what I mean? Read more.

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  • bilang allergic sa seafood. grabe daphne, i am super proud of you talaga. kasi, kahit hindi mo field ang nursing, nakeri mo yung lahat ng titles na yun? bongga ka day. 🙂

    • daphne

      Meron din naman kasing tumutulong sakin. Salamat sa kanila 🙂

  • roe

    wow nmn mo kya magsulat ng book..female version ni bob ong.haha…=)


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