It’s finally out: Ann Ward for Vogue Italia!

Ann Ward, the extremely thin-waisted gal of ANTM Cycle 15’s controversial promo video, can be finally brought home! This stunner who stands 6 feet and 2 inches is currently gracing Beauty in Vogue’s March cover photographed by Ellen von Unwerth, the fashion photographer well known for her playful and high contrast style [source].

Having won five consecutive best photo during the cycle, it is a no-brainer that she totally deserved to be declared as America’s next top model.  She may be very shy, yes, but that trait could be mended. And by being on Vogue’s cover and pages, who wouldn’t gain confidence right? I’m pretty sure Ann’s timidness has diminished.

Styled by Shiela Single, Ann has definitely transformed from an awkward girl to a high-fashion model. Check out the behind-the-scenes video:


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  • From my perspective she’s pretty fugly, but that’s just me. Tyra and her posse are pretty stuck in a timewarp, and so is their style/taste imho. But she is something of a comedian to me. I think she really looks like a transvestite.

    • daphne

      we’re kind of not on the same plane there. she’s not your typical gorgeous-faced gal, i agree. she looks awkward and different, and that, i think, made her more unique than the other contestants.

  • I’m such a fan of her and wow! she didn’t disappoint me with this shoot

    • daphne

      me too! you can really tell the difference, right? from being that awkward, weird girl to this. amazing. 🙂


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